If you are one of those who’s searching for an assert for your business, then I must convey that your employees are the most important assets of your organisation. As their retention and hard work can lead you to the path of success and growth of your business.

I guess we all agree on the fact that the Internet is the place where we can spend hours searching for various information. And it was observed that usually we get distracted with the use of the Internet. And this becomes the main reason why you don’t find time to focus on your employee’s activities. So have you ever thought how to motivate yourself as well as your employees?

Gratefully, now you can avail employee management software that can help you in maintaining a consistency in your workplace. So before we proceed further let’s just have a look at what is customer retention and how it is important for any business growth?


What is Customer Retention and how it is important for your business growth?

Wikipedia defines customer retention as:

“Customer retention refers to the ability of a company or product to retain its customers over some specified period. High customer retention means customers of the product or business tend to return to, continue to buy or in some other way not defect to another product or business, or to non-use entirely. Selling organizations generally attempt to reduce customer defections. Customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship and successful retention efforts take this entire lifecycle into account. A company’s ability to attract and retain new customers is related not only to its product or services, but also to the way it services its existing customers, the value the customers actually generate as a result of utilizing the solutions, and the reputation it creates within and across the marketplace.”

In short, we can say that customer retention is cheaper than acquisition. If you manage to maintain your customer retention for long you are directly adding a plus point to your company’s growth.

As they are knowing you for a longer period of time and you don’t have to put an extra effort for gaining their trust. As we all know that there might be significant costs for searching new customers in the form of sales and marketing purposes. If you succeed in maintaining your customer retention then it can improve your revenue plus can reduce your marketing cost per customer.

Also, your employees are the one who might be connected with your customers. They can let you know thoroughly what exactly your customers need and if your employees are unable to do the same then I must say that you are losing an essential contribution from your employees. For example, what is the use of having a salesperson who doesn’t have any idea about what is to be sold?

As you are living in a modern world and using modern technologies. It becomes possible that you can ask any of your employee’s to attain the customer’s issue and resolve it. You can provide access to your employees regardless of their location and ask them to attain customer queries in real time and check it actually got resolved.

But the question arises how? Well, for this there are many software available which can help you on the same. One of them is Empmonitor. It is the employee monitoring software which can help you to manage all your activities and let your employees give their best. It is not only trusted by the businesses but also by the families and schools. Let’s check out how.


Use of Empmonitor Software

For the business use

For the business use

Businesses can use this software to keep an eye on their every employee. Also, you are able to  judge how your employees are using the facilities provided to them. Thus this can increase the security of all confidential data, productivity of your business and much more.


For the Family use

For the Family use

It is trusted by various parents all around the world. With the features of Empmonitor, they can easily make a judgment about their children’s online activities, how much time they spent online, much more and accordingly can take necessary steps.


For the Schools and Institutions use

For the Schools and Institutions use

As we all know that schools and institutes are playing a vital in making children more use to with computers. This software can help them to judge whether your students are utilizing the facilities efficiently or not. Also, help you judge if their online activities are safe or not in accordance with the school’s  rules and regulations.

Now let’s just check out what are the various features of this software and how efficient they are used.


Features of Empmonitor

Features of Empmonitor

1. Empmonitor agent

You might know about the firewalls which simply blocks the unwanted websites. But instead of simply blocking the websites, Empmonitor provides you the information about what websites that are viewed by your employees. Also, allows you to observe the time they spend on that particular site or web application. You are now easily able to observe what is happening on any employee’s desktop. And if you find something wrong, you can advise them to stop that and ask them to devote their working hours to the company’s development.

2. Dashboard

This feature allows you to observe the high engagement activity of all the monitored device. The moment you visit the dashboard you will find the following:

  • Stats showing the time spent on the productive and non-productive activities.
  • Today’s productivity information.
  • Top categories and recent screenshots.
  • Recent activities log, top applications, and websites.

3. Screenshot 

This software captures the user’s screen. It takes the screenshots of the desktops according to the set time interval. This can help you to observe what’s happening on any employee’s desktop. And to make your work easy it is shown to you in the form of a slideshow.

4. Cloud Based Offering Real-time monitoring

With this feature, you are able to check what is happening in the real time regardless of your location (since it’s cloud based). You can view the same at any point of time. You get the live data stream of any active device which is monitored.

5. Reports

Reports always play a vital role in correct decision making. You are allowed to make a date-wise  report and can save them in the pdf format. This report can help you judge the productivity of any employee and accordingly you can take the decision about the employee’s appraisal.

6. Website blocking

Well, this comes into consideration when you have researched about some websites which might be unproductive for your business growth or may become the reason of your employee’s distraction. You can easily block them. But there are some clients who block the sites with high-bandwidth or the sites which are used widely for the job search. For doing this, you can enter a new domain.

7. Settings

This section helps you to make any further modification if needed.


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The world has always opted to become smart and people have always put their efforts in making things easy for further usage. So, here is the best software to opt and become smart. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the importance, working and the features of this automation software.

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