Activity monitor Windows is a service incorporated with the windows operating system. The method helps in monitoring and managing computer usage. It provides detailed information about the processes that are getting loaded, the processes that are being active, the applications that are running behind and of course, the amount of memory consumption.

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The Activity Monitor Windows also helps the user check for programs and applications that are not working appropriately. The programs and applications that are slow or inactive get placed in the application folder. The users can find this folder under the utility folder.

When the service gets launched on a Windows operating system, it immediately starts monitoring all the programs and applications running on the device. It also delivers accurate real-time data about all the processes. Using this application can help the user get rid of some applications that are consuming more memory of the system.

Activity Monitor Windows sorts the programs and applications based on some factors. The predetermined categories on which the processes get set are the name of the process, CPU active cycles percentage, CPU usage time and type of the process.

Activity Monitor Windows 10

activity-monitorIf anything is wrong with a user’s Windows 10 operating system device, then they can find all of the information related to the system performance in the task manager section. 

The processes tab supports the user to troubleshoot programs and applications that are running behind in the system. The performance tab provides the user with real-time data about the performance of their system.

The real-time information furnished by the performance tab includes memory and CPU usage. It also holds data related to Bluetooth information, hard drive and network information.

Now you must be wondering about the requirement of monitoring the performance of your system. Well, the ability of the activity monitor tool to keep an eye on the performance of a device helps the user accurately know about the utilisation of the resources.

The user can also check the reasons for their systems being unable to acquire expected network hard drive speeds and the other issues as well.

In this blog, the users can figure out how to make use of a task manager that will help them to monitor and manage the performance of their device.

Activity Monitor Windows Real-time Performance

Open Task Manager

opens-task-managerOn a system having Windows 10 operating system, the user can execute several tasks together using the task manager, which also includes producing real-time information related to monitoring the performance of the device. 

But before that, the users need to know how they can open that particular tool. Here are a few ways that will help users initiate the process by opening the task manager.

1. On the taskbar, right-click and then select the task manager option.

2. Go to start. Then search for a task manager and then pick the options result.

3. The users can also go for a keyboard shortcut to open the task manager. The shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+ Esc.

4. The users can also make use of keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del and then select the option task manager.

5. Another keyboard shortcut is to press the Windows key along with X, which will take the user tp power-user menu, and then they can select the task manager option.

If the user has never used task manager before, then the device will show it compactly. So if the user is willing to go to the Performance section, then they need to select the more details option. Then pick out the performance tab.

Monitor System Performance

monitor-system-performanceNow that the user knows how to open the task manager and get to the performance tab, the next thing is to see what are the factors that they can monitor.

Four main elements can get monitored and managed by persisting in the performance tab. The components involve hard drive, memory, network and processor (and Bluetooth). On the left-hand side of the task manager, the users will get to view all of the components having a small graph which displays the current status of their activity.

It gets displayed in percentage value for CPU, Disk, and Memory and Kilobits per second for Bluetooth devices and network adapters. Displaying the graphs helps the users to have a small idea of the system performance at a glimpse.

The users can right-click below the categories to customise the context menu. There are a lot of options to display the performance of the components. The users can change the look and feel by hiding the graphs or only showing the summary of the performance. The users can modify it in their way if they wish to keep the task manager open.

The application facilitates the users to right-click or double click on any of the components graphs. It will show them an overall summary of the percentage. They can also arrange the settings so that the task manager only shows the compact graph with activity monitoring information.

If the users require to preserve a piece of information, then they can right-click on the component and then select the copy option from the context menu. Then the next step is to paste the information so that they can make use of it later. They do not have to take a screenshot of everything to keep hold of the data.


CPU-graphsThe CPU component proffers detailed information about the utilisation of the resource and processor. In the right-hand side corner, the users will be able to see which processor the device is using and the clock speed it uses to run. The graph of the CPU shows the overall processor utilisation for over 60 seconds. 


memory-graphThe memory component provides details of the RAM usage of the applications and the system. In the right-hand side corner, the users can see the total amount of memory implemented in their device. 

The memory factor provides 02 graphs in which the top graph exhibits the memory usage of the device over 60 seconds, and the bottom graph displays the memory currently allocated.


disk-graphThe disk component furnishes information about the usage of the hard drive. The users will get a different disk for each of the hard drives installed in their device. 

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To Wrap Things Up

The performance tab provides notable information about the performance of different components of the system. The application presents uncomplicated graphs of all the factors appropriately so that the users can go through the details whenever required.

The data provided assists with the users to understand the utilisation of the resources and can also help in troubleshooting other issues.

I hope the article helped you know more about activity monitor windows. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!

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