Intelligent, automated and tamper-free time tracking for project billing

Comprehensive reports and automation will give you a clear and accurate picture of productive time spent on each task

Project management is challenging enough as it is. There are thousands of moving parts to track—deadlines, team members (both in-house and remote), tasks, dependencies, last-minute changes, revisions and so much more.

But probably the most tedious task of them all is tracking the time each team member spends on the project.

EmpMonitor is here to take that burden off your shoulders with its intelligent, automated and tamper-free time tracking functionality, so you can focus on the tasks that really move the project forward.


How EmpMonitor makes you, your team and your entire workflow 10X more efficient


Secure, tamper-free, automated clock-in/out functionality

EmpMonitor discreetly records the time your employees spend logged into their company-issued devices.

No human intervention is required. Everything happens automatically, and all the data is stored securely in the cloud so you can access it instantly, from anywhere, and on any of your favorite devices thanks to dedicated apps.

No more human error, no more abuse.

From broad, high-level reports to in-depth, microscope-level analysis

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all report. You and your business are unique, and so are your needs.

EmpMonitor works with you and for you, providing you precisely the information you want—no more, no less—so you can make the best decisions for your business without any distractions.


Need a general overview of your operations? You have it.

Need a productivity report about a particular team member during a specific time frame? It’s just a few clicks away.

Need to compare the performance between two support teams working from different locations at different times? Your EmpMonitor dashboard has it.

Most importantly, you can access this data anytime and from any of your favorite devices. You can even delegate and assign bespoke access rights to trusted team leads so they can manage their respective crews while you focus on the bigger picture.

Smart, context-relevant productivity analysis

There are thousands of tools out there that give you numbers. But numbers without context are incredibly dangerous.

That’s why every piece of data that EmpMonitor gives you exists within the broader context of productivity.

EmpMonitor doesn’t just tell you how many hours someone spent logged into their computer. It also tells you how that time was utilized, and most importantly how productive it was.


Visual and intuitive reports will tell you exactly how much time was spent on each app or website, while keystroke logging and automated screenshot tools even help you identify idle, unproductive time.

Keeping your business lean and ensuring its survival

Businesses live or die based on how well they can manage revenue and bottom line

An inefficient team is one of the main causes for business failure. Unproductive employees will bleed your business’ finances, crippling it and destroying its ability to remain competitive.

EmpMonitor is your safeguard against this threat.

Thanks to EmpMonitor’s smart reporting suite of tools, you’ll be able to keep a close watch on your team’s performance.

You’ll be able to identify:

  • Which employees/teams are the most productive, so you can understand what makes them so efficient and transfer that knowledge across the entire organization.
  • Which employees are less productive and why, so you can help them improve and fulfill their potential for their own benefit and that of your business
  • Which employees are wasting company time out of laziness, so that you can cut them loose and replace them with people who actually deserve to be part of the team

When your team is working at optimal efficiency, your business will flourish.

You will hit targets faster and generate more revenue, which you can pour back into your team and business to stay ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might be thinking about.

1. Is EmpMonitor invisible?
Yes, it is completely invisible. It neither appears in the Programs List nor the Control Panel and is not recognizable by Task Manager.
2. How do I track my employees?
Sign up to EmpMonitor, add employees and users to your dashboard, and start tracking your employees using the various tracking features.
3. How does EmpMonitor track clock-in and clock-out times?
EmpMonitor automatically records the exact time when an employee logs into their company-issued device and when they shut it down. The app is invisible and cannot be tampered with.
4. Is it legal to use an employee time tracking software?
EmpMonitor only tracks the usage of company-related systems. It does not collect any data about a user’s personal drive or apps.
5. Is it ethical to use an employee time tracking software?
Not only is it ethical, it is also your right as a business owner and your obligation towards your business to know exactly how your employees are utilizing company time and devices. Tracking your employees’ performance and attendance is not a sign of distrust. It is an important metric that will help keep the business lean, efficient and profitable, which in turn provides your valued employees with a secure and stable job.
6. Does EmpMonitor have GDPR Compliance?
Yes. It gets enabled by deploying the services in the same geography using on-premises deployments.
7. How does EmpMonitor deal with information security?
EmpMonitor captures real-time device screenshots, has email monitoring provision, alert facility for reporting any suspicious activity, and personalized dashboard convenience that enables the administrator to restrict employees’ access to certain databases. There are also plans for document tracking.
  • Documents transferred to emails
  • USB
  • Network folders
  • Cloud drives
  • Printed Documents, etc.
8. Can EmpMonitor track the route of third-party information breaches?
EmpMonitor can track the source and the timeline of data breaches by using a predefined alert system for suspicious activity. This system is only accessible by the administrator, who can also set up filters for specific notifications.
9. Can EmpMonitor be used to protect company servers?
Yes, EmpMonitor can be installed on a server, and the administrator can set up which activities should be tracked and blocked.
10. Is EmpMonitor a viable solution for minimizing threats such as payment card data leakage, health information data breach, and health care billing fraud within the health care and e-commerce sectors?
Yes. EmpMonitor includes advanced keylogging and automated screen capture features, allowing you to track and record any sensitive data transfer.
11. Can EmpMonitor detect and prevent third-party access?
EmpMonitor provides a wide range of options for monitoring and detecting suspicious activity. For instance, the administrator can set rules to trigger an alert in cases where:
  • someone has accessed a specified URL/application
  • someone accessed a URL/application for longer than a specified time interval
12. What are the hardware and software requirements?
EmpMonitor is compatible with MAC OS, most Linux OS versions, and all Windows computers. Additionally, dedicated apps make it possible for you and your administrators to access the dashboard from your favorite devices, including mobile.
13. What are the pricing plans?
You can explore our pricing plans on the pricing page.

More questions? Ask us!

Is EmpMonitor right for your business?

You and your business are unique, and so are your needs.
EmpMonitor doesn’t dictate how you work. Quite the contrary—YOU dictate how EmpMonitor should serve you. EmpMonitor works with you and for you, providing you precisely the information you want—no more, no less—so you can make the best decisions for your business without any distractions. With EmpMonitor, the tool is your servant, not the other way around.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

If you want to:

1. Improve your business

3. Cut needless expenses

2. Increase your revenue

4. Maximize your team’s efficiency

Then the answer is:

YES, EmpMonitor is right for your business.

Businesses from all industries and verticals are using EmpMonitor to become more cost-effective and profitable every day.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are using EmpMonitor to manage online assessments, web-browsing activities, eliminate possible distractions and hit more ambitious goals.

Given the impact of Covid-19 on education, academic establishments have been forced to shift to the online space in order to carry on operating. EmpMonitor helps educational institutions affected by Covid-19 to work without compromising on productivity, and easily track all tasks of both teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as time spent on them.

Business Services

Business Services companies safeguard themselves from corporate fraud thanks to automated alerts and reports analyzing employees’ web and app activity.


Parents can have peace of mind about their child’s digital activity by tracking app and web usage, screenshot recording and keystroke tracking, as well as real-time browser history.

Financial Institutions

EmpMonitor helps secure and safeguard corporate data and cash logistics. Monitoring and custom alerts ensure the safety of vital information and the usage of workplace computers for business purposes.


Organizations are required to work at a break-neck pace with large enterprises and dynamic environments, where the minutest changes can have a cascading effect. EmpMonitor allows users to accommodate for such changes without affecting their productivity. With such data-rich reporting, it also helps large-scale operations to stay updated with the task of monitoring productivity

Law and Accounting Firms

Law and accounting companies usually charge their clients based on the time they spend on their cases. EmpMonitor allows you to set up per-hour rates and accurately bill your client when their case is wrapped up.

Creative Media Teams

Media teams usually contain multiple employees working on several projects at the same time, which can be tedious to track and account for at times. EmpMonitor allows managers to track the tasks of designers and see how much time they take to finish a certain task. This helps creative agencies to improve productivity and maximize output.

Architecture Companies

Designing is an arduous task, and so is its billing. EmpMonitor offers a customizable solution for architecture firms, where they can monitor work on core designing solutions such as AutoCAD and Autodesk, and bill accordingly.

IT and Tech

By nature of their business, IT and tech companies are often targeted for data theft. But with the assistance of EmpMonitor helps protect this industry by effectively monitoring and restricting certain access. Additionally, EmpMonitor quickly blocks external attacks on company servers and safeguards the organizational database.

Health Sector

Organizations operating in the health sector are typically very vulnerable to data breach threats. With the help of a predefined set of security protocols in Emponitor, the admin can instantly audit trials with HIPAA security measures and extensively record any data breach activity performed by the user’s device.


Merchants and businesses are exposed to the risk of payment card data leak and financial loss. A device protected by EmpMonitor records all activity, including keypresses, automated screenshots and webcam photos. Moreover, the admin can set restrictions on what data can be accessed, and by whom.


Banking institutions are subject to data breach threats from both external and internal sources. With EmpMonitor’s solution, internal staff and outsourced vendors can be tracked through their activity metrics and real-time monitoring features. Additionally, EmpMonitor can be installed on the bank’s servers to block third-party attacks. The threat detection and prevention protocol of EmpMonitor prevents security breaches from both inside and outside sources.

Client’s Testimonials

Dedicated apps for all your favorite platforms

EmpMonitor allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere, and from your favorite platforms thanks to dedicated apps for most popular platforms.

Each app is designed to operate natively and seamlessly on its respective platform, so that you can consult your data with ease whenever you need it.




Complete and unconditional respect for employees’ personal data

EmpMonitor protects your rights, but also those of your employees


Privacy is a very sensitive topic.

As an employer, you have the right to know how your employees are utilizing company resources, including work time and equipment. However, this right should not come at the expense of the relationship of trust that you have with your employees.

That’s why EmpMonitor uses an intelligent process to ensure that the privacy of your employees’ personal data is always respected, and only work-related data is monitored.

EmpMonitor is installed onto a separate, administrative user account that is set up specifically for work. The account that your employee uses for personal purposes is never accessed.

Additionally, in the interest of safeguarding the integrity of the device, EmpMonitor monitors emails for phishing and spam attacks, which could lead to dangerous data leak