Privacy Vs. Productivity

EmpMonitor marks a fine line between the privacy and productivity of the employees, as we believe in progress with an application of intelligence and technology to improve business, productivity, and work culture.


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Who We Are?

Your Digital Workplace Productivity Monitoring Company

EmpMonitor launched in 2014 as an early entrant of employee monitoring. With time and the latest versions, it’s now specialized in productivity management and insider threat detection.  Helps in providing complete insights into employee computer working activities, forensics, user behavior analytics, data loss prevention, etc. to make the workplace productive and secure.


What Do We Do?

Make Path For Teams To Develop Their Efficiency

Efficiency is the key to success. If there is a better way of approaching a challenge or a quicker, smarter way of working, we’re all in. EmpMonitor is committed to offering employee monitoring solutions that fit your company. It’s a way out we share with our customers who lead teams, grow businesses, and make their employees work more productively.

Our Approach

We’re uniquely positioned to sustainably provide employee monitoring and insider threat detection solutions with the latest technology. Our user activity monitoring software helps to monitor and control user activity to ensure compliance with internal security policies and regulatory requirements.

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Our Goals