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Rita J. Frink



“Great tool! EmpMonitor has everything we have hoped for in an employee monitoring software. It had made it easy for us to track employees’ productivity by providing detailed analyses of their daily activity and login – logout time. That being said, the anti-virus and firewall settings were extremely time-consuming to set up, but the stealth monitoring feature completely made up for that.”


John C. Lyle

Product Manager

Great EmpMonitor!

“Loved the functionality to track multiple employees at a given time. I and my fellow team leaders were able to gather the accurate productivity hours of an employee using EmpMonitor. It is really helpful in improving the productivity of the employees and managing them virtually.”


Jarvis Claxton

Development Manager

fast & reliable

“Works perfectly. EmpMonitor does what they say it does. The stealth monitoring feature really helps us get accurate information about the productivity of our employees. I was somewhat taken back by the hours it took to install and deploy, but apart from that everything was great. Good Employee Monitoring Software.”


Debbie D. Taylor

Team Lead

fast & reliable

“Pros: For us, the best part of this software was the ease of use, you simply have to install it on the employee’s system and that’s it. This tool helped us to measure the exact time spent by each employee on a designated project and improve their productivity. It also helped us secure the data by eliminating insider threats with its amazing threat detection feature.”

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