Monitor And Manage Employees Working From Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We take care of your fear of productivity pitfalls while your employees work from home in the age of COVID-19

Employee Monitoring Software

Capitalizing The Power Of EmpMonitor

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spreading with a high-rate all across the world, large and small scale industries need to put their best foot front to ensure the health and safety of thousands of workers, as well as millions of clients. Thus, this pandemic and rapidly evolving situation requires scalable, modern technology. From February 2020, considering the healthcare remedies, EmpMonitor worked with various tech-industries – planning to make their employees work from home – to deploy a productivity tracking software – EmpMonitor.

Remote Employee Monitoring Software

EmpMonitor helps employers to track and manage the productivity ratio of remote workforce.

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Employee Productivity Software is a fast track tool that you can install and check the employee computer activities and their productive and non-productive hours from anywhere. Some of the special benefits of using it include:

Storage Facility

Storage and security play a vital role in today’s era, users of EmpMonitor can save the data in the cloud without utilizing single local disk storage.

Keystroke Management

Monitor every keystroke which your employees type, view what is typed, in which window and which program.

Productivity Measurement

EmpMonitor can help you gain insights into your company’s top working day, as well as seeing it location-wise, department wise & Yes, you can change the date too.

Stealth Mode

EmpMonitor is invisible completely unless you want someone to know. It doesn’t appear in the list of programs nor it is identifiable in the Task Manager.

IP Whitelisting

If you appoint someone to be a manager or administrator, you can whitelist the IP to remove the possibility of data breach or failure.


EmpMonitor is a cloud-based online monitoring solution. All the data is directly stored in the cloud without hassle.

Location Wise Details

Get up to 7 days User Logs at one place including present-day based on the teams, departments, and location.

Report Generation

Get the detailed report of the last 180 days for each employee in the form of intuitive, easy to understand charts and graphs.


It’s a complex situation but employers had to track their employees closely in real-time. We believe the frameworks and policies that we are putting in place will allow employers to continue to manage efficiently and remain focused on ensuring that we meet our customer commitments and our employees and communities are secure.

So what are you waiting for ?

With its highly affordable price and easy to use design, start using this employee monitoring software from today and realize its immense benefits by yourself.