Month: October 2021

17+ Project Management Software For Better Productivity.

Due to COVID19, more and more businesses and entrepreneurs, and project managers prefer to work from home and are looking for ways to manage their remote teams effectively. However, project management with a remote team is not an easy task, and you have to take the help of specific tools to ease your work. Below we will list some easy-to-use tools for all the project managers to track their team productivity. Hit The Play Button To Listen to the Podcast: EmpMonitor EmpMonitor is at the top of our list because it’s one of the best Project Management and...

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3 Tips For Managing A Remote Team Effectively

What exactly is remote work? Remote working, as the name implies, entails working away from a traditional office environment. It is not required to do a task in a specific location such as a house, coffee shop, or anywhere else to be completed successfully. Instead of traveling to an office every day to work at a specific workstation, remote employees can complete their assignments and meet their goals from anywhere they want. As a result, people may organize their days to enjoy their job and personal lives to the fullest and coexist peacefully. Due to COVID19, more and more...

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User Behavior Analytics 2022

User behavior analytics (UBA or entity behavior analytics) technology focuses on what the user is doing (unlike firewalls & antiviruses) to search for patterns of usage that indicate anomalous behavior. UBA keeps a close watch on activities performed- from apps used to network activity and most critical files accessed, everything gets tracked regardless of whether the activities are coming from an insider, hacker, or even malware. Although UBA won’t prevent hackers from getting inside your system, it can surely minimize the damage and spot their activities. Hackers have become very good at appearing like ordinary users, and that’s where...

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