The 9 to 5 working hours culture is way too old. But companies still adapt it for some valid reasons. It works well for all companies, irrespective of the niche they follow. It keeps the employees connected, and the employers can have a rough idea of their productive and efficient employees. But this has evolved quite a lot during the 2020 pandemic.

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Technology is all over the place now. It is providing more opportunities and flexibility to work from anywhere and during any time. So, it gave rise to the flexible work schedule in the organization. And we are undoubtedly getting more comfortable with this. 

Technology has brought the entire world closer, and we are now enjoying the benefits of it. So, accepting the new normal and embracing the benefits of a flexible work schedule, here we have some reason why it is the best and helps make the employees more productive.

Avoid Quick Conclusions


When all the employees are working at the same time, they expect a real-time response. The seniors do not get much time to analyze the concern and provide the best solution. Hence, usually, they end up providing a quick conclusion or a temporary solution. And this can get the entire team into significant troubles in the upcoming times.

So, having a flexible work schedule helps enormously. The senior employees must have the flexibility to start early or after the working hours of the team. Hence, they can check the queries, address them appropriately and review the work accomplished. They can take all the big decisions properly, which does not hamper the business by any means.

Decrease The Chaos During Work


Working at the same time can create more chaos. If your employees work in teams, it will become more challenging to handle all the work together. The senior employees have to respond to emails, assist their juniors, check the pending work, start completing other assignments, and the list goes on. It can just negatively impact the employees, and everything will get delayed gradually.

Hence, build teams with employees from different time zones. The employees can comfortably start working without any chaos. They can give their best shot at work and accomplish the most significant task. In continuation to that, the next shift member will continue with the same and complete it on time. It makes things easier and simpler.

Obtain Global Viewpoint


Having a flexible work schedule can be a blessing for your company if you embrace cross-cultural communication and accept employees from different time zones. It will develop your company’s bond with various countries, and you will get to work with the best set of teams.

So, if the higher authorities put employees with varied cultures and knowledge into a single team, nothing can stop them from achieving great success.

Overcome The Disadvantages


What are the significant disadvantages that a company faces related to its employees? Let us look at some.

If one of your skilled employees plans to move out for any reason, that is a negative aspect. When an employee is uncomfortable with the working environment and cannot work straight from 9 to 5, it is a significant drawback. Similarly, enormous other examples state the cases in which you lose your employees, those who are the assets for your company.

If you accept the flexibility of your work schedule, you do not have to worry. Your employees can pick out their working hours and workplaces comfortably. Hence, you will never miss out on your best employees for any reason.

Performance Matters


Make your employees understand that performance is more important than time. The employees must realize that everything is not just about logging in on time and logging out after 08 hours of work. They need to show how productive and efficient they were during these hours. Because in the end, the company needs to see the results.

Hence, the employees need to maintain a work schedule that makes them more productive. The employees must not think how long they have been working. They should be efficient enough to complete a task if they have started working on it.

Look For The Best


Now, you have the flexibility to hire people from any corner of the world, pick out the best employees for your company. By providing a resilient work schedule, you can hire employees from different countries and different time zones. And it must not bother you much. 

The strategy helps because, in this competitive world, the companies are looking for more skilled employees. And if your offer is open to everyone, you can get more employees to acquire increased knowledge. Hence, if you hire them, you will have teams with various skills to skyrocket your business productivity.

Improve Flexibility In The Work Environment


Think of the old times when the employees had to attend the traditional workplace every day, seems a little boring now, right? Back then, the employers had to use various strategies to maintain a healthy working environment within those four walls. But now technology has evolved, and we have seen a rise in work from home culture. Hence, things have become pretty different.

The remote working facility enables the employees to have flexibility in choosing their workplace and the working hours. So, by accepting this, you can provide more exposure to your employees. Again, you can rest assured that there will be less chance of disturbance and chaos. Hence, you do not need to look for tactics to maintain a better environment for working.

EmpMonitor- The Best Employee Monitoring Solution


In these post-Covid times, we believe everyone must stay safe, work from home and enjoy their flexible work schedules. But it is also necessary to monitor the employees during the working hours. Hence, for better management of employee efficiency and productivity, employers must consider investing in an employee tracking tool. 

EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring, management, and tracking software that works wonders for the organization. It provides a detailed report of every minute activity of the employees. And this helps the employees to maintain a proper work schedule. 

Let’s now dive right into the features of EmpMonitor and explore more about it.

Attendance Monitoring


You can get the complete details of the login and logout times of all your employees individually. And from that, you can also receive and analyze the productive and unproductive hours of your employee’s working hours. 

The feature includes sharing a detailed report of the login and logout times of the past 07 days and the current day. It also shows the productive and unproductive hours of the past 07 days along with the present day. Hence the higher authorities can take necessary actions against the unproductive ones.

The information and reports you receive have a graphical representation. Hence, it becomes easier to analyze.

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Keystroke Logging


The keystroke logging feature enables employers to monitor the keypunches of the employees. Everything activity your employee performs on the keyboard gets recorded. Hence, you can check what your employee has typed throughout the working hours. 

You can get the keyboard monitoring insights of up to 180 days.

Screenshot Monitoring


EmpMonitor captures high-quality screenshots at regular periods. You get to set the intervals as per your requirement, which starts from 15s. Altogether you can access the screenshots of your employees from the past 90 days. Hence, you can keep an eye on every activity of your employee. And also, check if all the company data is safe.

Website and Applications Usage Monitoring


You can track the website URL and applications visited by your employees during working hours. And also, check the time they spent on these sites. You will have a list of the top 10 websites and apps visited by your employees altogether. You can also have access to this information from about the past 180 days. Hence, you will get an idea about the websites where your productive employees have utilized their time, and the unproductive ones wasted them.

Productivity Monitoring


Monitoring the productivity of the employees is the most significant aspect. With EmpMonitor, you can analyze the productivity and efficiency of the employees in a single place.

The graphical representation of the detailed reports will show the working hours of your top 10 employees. Here you can filter the date and location to receive real-time updates. Get information on the productive and unproductive hours of the employee right from logging in to the system. You get to check the details of the particular day and adjust the date as well. Hence, you can also receive the information on other days.

The employees that remain unproductive constantly receive productivity alerts. Hence, it will help them to work more efficiently to match up to their levels with the productive ones.

To check the most productive day of your company, you can adjust the date and compare. You can filter the location and department to check the details of any particular employees.

Stealth Mode

EmpMonitor works in stealth mode. It remains completely invisible and works amazingly behind the computer screens. The user will never know that they are getting monitored until informed. It remains unrecognized by the Task Manager as well. Also, the employees cannot see where the software is running and cannot even stop getting monitored.

Cloud-based Employee Monitoring


The best part of having EmpMonitor is it is cloud-based software. Hence, all your data remains safe in the cloud, and you can access it whenever required. So, no more getting worried about the storage of a new tool. Again, it is easy to install. Thus you do not have to employ your IT professionals to get it installed in every system. The employees can readily implement it themselves.

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Closing Thoughts

The companies constantly strive to maintain a balance between the workload and productivity of the employees. So, managing the work schedule will always prove to be beneficial for the entire team. The companies are now running with the work from the home facility. Hence, work schedules have become increasingly important. The remote employees must have a good collaboration and keep their employers updated.  

With advanced technology, employees can beat the barriers of the prevailing 9 to 5 job life. Hence, we all must embrace it. Roll up your sleeves and remain productive with any work schedule you implement.

I hope the article helped you know about work schedules. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!