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Oct18, 2022

Global Companies Exert …

Bengaluru-based business solutions firm EmpMonitor has rolled out a cloud-based employee monitoring software to track employees’ activities and performance while increasing their productivity.  
Oct18, 2022

EmpMonitor launches employee …

Employers worldwide feel afraid of productivity plunge due to the implementation of work from home programs at organizations.  
Oct18, 2022

Work from home: Monitoring…

As remote work culture kicks in and it is here to stay. There’s no denial in the fact that – 70% of the companies all over the world are going to favor the remote work.
Oct18, 2022


Recognizing and working upon suspicious activities in the workplace was their prime focus. But using any random tool didn’t feel safe as their primary focus was data…  
Oct18, 2022

LBM Solutions

In the IT industry, there are many challenges for a growing company. Since 2016, LBM solutions have started serving in the field of IT services. Under the guida…  
Oct18, 2022


Fabdesigns are leading experts in 3-D designing and knitting since 1988. They make all sorts of products with their precise and high tech equipment. Their…  
Oct17, 2022

EmpMonitor Announces New …

EmpMonitor today announced exciting feature upgrades to assist work from home business in a more profound way.From the beginning of February to the present time, the Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting every business sector worldwide,
Oct17, 2022

Empmonitor Introduces Latest…

The new version involves all the major improvements, updates, and bugs that enhance the overall authenticity of the software and provides the best ever experience.EmpMonitor is a leading employee management software that helps improve the
Oct17, 2022

EmpMonitor’s Insider Threat …

EmpMonitor, a prominent employee productivity management solution, lately announced its unique ability to detect and resolve security breaches among designing industries.  
Mar14, 2021

The importance of traveling while learning a language

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