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Kreston provides a full range of accountancy, business advisory, and financial services to the financial sector. Kreston has a team of dedicated finance experts, which provides support to both international and local clients.


Company was facing productivity issues

The two challenges faced by Kreston was to ensure the productivity of employees while maintaining their morale. Despite the countless efforts by their HR department, they were finding it difficult to maintain 100% productivity within their workforce. It was affecting their overall output.

They wanted a solution that can ensure maximum productivity without the cost of employee morale. A tool or an agent that can monitor the employees’ productivity and easily help the leaders to take the necessary steps to help improve it.

Improvement across different departments

Kreston currently uses EmpMonitor for 60 users, which includes all the department. “The way that EmpMonitor incorporates different features into one single package is the reason we invested in it. This tool has helped us maintain complete professionalism and productivity even in work from home scenarios.” explains their CEO.

Each department uses EmpMonitor in a different way, some use it to keep track of time, and some use it to improve their productivity. For instance, the Auditing and Assurance team uses EmpMonitor for monitoring all the work and keeping the data safe from insider threats.

The Accounting department uses it to manage productivity. They use it to gather data of employees and see if they are doing their work properly. Later, they review these data and improve the overall productivity of employees. Ensuring proper asset management is done with the help of this tool.

A helping hand

Kreston evaluated different software before going for EmpMonitor. They also had a collaborative session with all their department heads and employees to get their opinion on such tools. After getting a positive response from most of their employees, they deployed EmpMonitor in their organization.

In just a week’s usage, they found that their employees were quickly adopted to this change and were reaching new limits in terms of productivity. “We found that our employees’ productivity increases by a great margin; they were more focused on proving themselves by working hard. Some even got as far as holding a weekly competition to see who had better productivity at the end of the day,” says their HR.


EmpMonitor has helped them improve their productivity and services. Their director says, “With the help of EmpMonitor, we were able to locate the problem precisely, which helped us save the time as well as effort and better focus our energy on resolving that problem.” He further added that “This tool’s different features are perfectly designed to help organizations like us.”

They are now our permanent members and have been using our software for six months. Now, they are ready to deploy EmpMonitor in all of their departments and are looking to purchase a bigger plan, one that is suitable for their whole organization.

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