Keystroke Surveillance for Remote Users

Protect your business from internal threats by malicious or negligent employees

You have the right AND the obligation to know how every one of your employees is utilizing company resources. This includes their use of company communication channels and devices.


A crucial tool for catching risky activity that might compromise your business’ security

EmpMonitor’s keystroke surveillance system monitors your team’s keyboard activities at their workstations.

It protects your business from security threats by:


Highlights of EmpMonitor

Data Security

Protect yourself against sensitive data exploitation by analyzing keyloggers and implementing risk-appropriate security controls.


Boosts employee productivity levels by detecting and eliminating idle hours and leisure time spent on irrelevant operations.

Auto Screenshots

Systematically saves screen data in the cloud at regular or random intervals, and saves it in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere on any of your devices.

Insider Threat Detection

Content-rich keystroke recorder with AI-powered UBA lowers the risk of a data breach with efficient user activity scanning.

EmpMonitor is trusted across multiple industries and verticals around the world

If you’re a Business Service

EmpMonitor safeguards your confidential data to ensure the integrity of your business’ management and operations.

If you’re an Educational Institution

EmpMonitor’s cloud-based service remote surveillance functionality helps you monitor your students’ computer activities to protect them from inside threats and crooks.

If you’re a Financial Institution

EmpMonitor safeguards you from information misconduct and insider breaches, keeping your client data safe and protecting you from expensive lawsuits resulting from personal data leaks.

If you’re a Parent

Put your mind at ease with EmpMonitor by keeping track of your child’s online presence, including time spent on various websites and apps.

Start safeguarding your business right now with EmpMonitor