EmpMonitor Vs InterGuard

EmpMonitor and InterGuard are the two finest employee management software in the market. But what do you think is the best?

Awesome features of:


– Easy to use dashboard

– Extensive data points based graphical reports

– Measure and manage team productivity

Features comparison


Productivity Measurement

Most Used Apps

Most Visited Websites

Productive and Non-productive Hours

Stealth Mode

Cloud Storage

Auto Email Reports

CSV Format Reports


Automated Alerts

Whitelist IP

Records Keystrokes

Time and Attendance

Appoints Designations to Peers

Location Wise Details

Behavior Analysis

Language Localization

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 Provides an efficient productivity measurement tool

While there are numerous tools out there to analyze the productivity of your employees, there is none compared to EmpMonitor. It is as easy and comprehensive for you to analyze the data in the most insightful manner. You can measure the productivity of your employees by monitoring their system activities during working hours.

Provides detailed reports on keystrokes and user logs

When it comes down to the level of tracking your employees’ activities, EmpMonitor provides the deepest insights which include the keystrokes. You can get a detailed record of the keystrokes your employees will make and also their login and logout timestamps.

Provides a simplistic user interface

Any data is not useful unless it is transformed into meaningful information. Keeping this in mind, EmpMonitor is specifically designed to show you only the most useful information, while the detailed analysis is done in the background.

Provides browsing history list of employee’s system

It has the capability of pulling the history straight from your employees’ browser and giving you a detailed list of it. All you need to do is to select a date for an employee and click on the view browser history button to get detailed information.

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Top Reasons to Choose DeskTrack

Provides invisible employee monitoring

EaseMon provides invisible employee monitoring features. You can track employees easily without letting them know. It renders detailed reports regularly which includes all important metrics that can be used to evaluate employees’ productivity.

Protects from insider threats

InterGuard saves all your sensitive information from any third-party or unwanted access and provides automated alerts in case of any privacy violation.


Choose EmpMonitor for tracking productivity
of all kinds of employees – in-office and remote.

Choose InterGuard
specifically for tracking remote employees.

What our customers say

Using EmpMonitor has not only helped to improve the productivity of all my employees but has also helped me to run my business smoothly. Top-notch employee monitoring software with amazing features!
Being a manager of a Startup company, I must say that this is one of the best tools for team management. Now, I can better optimize the time spent by my employees on specific tasks to deliver the best service without sacrificing resources for other projects.
Project Manager
EmpMonitor has been a great help for our emerging IT solutions company. It provides an innovative way to understand the productivity of work, calculate idle time, and time spent on each task. Happy using this software!

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