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Why top teams are getting ahead of the game with EmpMonitor

EmpMonitor optimizes the productivity of your team, business, and overall operation with its toolkit of specialized functionalities.

Here’s how your team can shine with EmpMonitor.

Increase Productivity

Complete visibility and full control over your employees’ computer activities allows you to identify and fix weak points in processes, and eliminate dead-time.

Visual Reporting

Intuitive visual reports and charts allow you to extract meaningful insights that you can easily interpret and use right away.

Save Time And Money

Ditch the paperwork. EmpMonitor is 100% automated so you spend minimal time setting up and more time actively improving what matters — your KPIs.

Data Security

Your data is saved securely in the cloud for ease of access. Keep your business safe with real-time monitoring and automated screenshots at regular or random intervals. Prevent data breaches and leaks.

Stealth Operation

Track employee activities on PC remotely from any location in 100% invisible mode.

24/7 Support

Questions? The EmpMonitor tech support team is here 24/7 to make sure you’re always operating at peak performance.

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Escalate Your Employees’ Productivity With Tailor-made Features

Stop depending on the manual process and effortlessly manage all your employees digitally

One Platform Solving All Monitoring Problems

Effortlessly track time, monitor your employees, boost productivity, reduce the risk & accelerate your response.

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Giving Right Solutions With Right Tool To Right People

One-stop solution for employee monitoring, tracking productivity, enhancing organization efficiency, and activity analysis.

Multi-Platform Support

EmpMonitor offers great flexibility and supports multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Privacy & Discretion Assured

EmpMonitor offers a monitoring solution that offers the highest level of security. Our team of experts takes extra precautions to protect your privacy, personal data, and business information.

Cloud Based Service

EmpMonitor is a leading cloud-hosted solution. Thus, the employee monitoring solution is affordable and scalable. It's also capable of tracking every aspect of your employee's performance and boosting productivity.

Customer Reviews

“Due to COVID pandemic, we were facing issues in tracking the work done by our employees at their home. Then we got to know about Empmonitor which provides us the solution to track the work done by our employees by capturing screenshots at regular intervals and showing us their search history. We found EMP monitor as the only software which allowed us to capture their work for a fixed interval. We are thankful to EMP monitor for their support.”

Apna Godam

Agriculture warehousing

“Connecting the dots World delivers custom software development products and we are associated with many government and fortune 500 clients. During the covid-19 crisis we decided that are resources need to do the work from home so we decided to contact Empmonitor and they helped us in setting up their software in our systems.They were available for 24*7 and the way it solve a problem is highly appreciable.Together we are doing lots of other thing is well thank you.”

Connecting The Dots

“Its a great experience to work with emp monitoring. The software has helped us to get the insight of our company. now we can track the daily progress of our team. With this software, we have precise data on “who is doing what”.
We have experienced an outstanding support from the team EmpMonitoring while installation and for any support required. Its a truely “PAISA VASOOL” software.”

Karan Chopda, MD

Chirayu power pvt. ltd.

“Have been using this software at our office in Melbourne for a month. We quite like it. The results have been great until now. Support team is pretty reliable too. Will install it in all of our units in the city soon.”

Harshita Kaushik HR Manager

Myteam11 Fantasy Sports Pvt.ltd

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