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Protect Your Sensitive Data with EmpMonitor

EmpMonitor provides accordance for GDPR Compliance for the following-

EmpMonitor For Your Compliance Requirements

EmpMonitor abides by GDPR and ensures personal data is legally processed for legitimate purposes. It provides data slip monitoring capabilities to identify, track, and investigate data breach incidents like manual error, insider threats, etc

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Dedicated Compliance Management

GDPR Adaptable

GDPR is a standard regulatory framework to guarantee data protection and general privacy. Organizations need to be extra vigilant to ensure the security and safety of personal information and meet EmpMonitor GDPR requirements

Real-time notifications and alerts save from data breaches and other unnecessary activities. In case of any mishap, it smoothly finds the source of the incident with the ready data.

EmpMonitor offers the safest method to store sensitive data and official details in cloud storage. Its powerful policy-oriented features allow a wide range of monitoring that helps identify internal and data breach incidents before happening.

GDPR requirements are supported with screenshots, keystrokes, alerts, and reports that can also be exported and shared with compliance teams and auditors for clarity.

Features of User Activity Monitoring

Monitoring Tailored To Privacy

Real-time monitoring helps protect confidential data from insider threats by maintaining personal data protection through selective recording functions.

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Dynamic Data Classification

Find and classify personally identifiable data to implement data privacy rules.

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

The monitoring platform enforces policies and takes swift action by notifying the concerned person in case of a violation of rules.


Gather Investigation Evidence

Real-time data gathered as screenshots during unethical practices get data as a shred of evidence while complying with GDPR.

Data Risk Management

Discover high-risk employees and policies that may endanger GDPR and more enforcement initiatives.


Authentication and Authorization

Identity-based access control and authentication to delay unauthorized access to personal data.

Reports for Audit

Keystrokes and user logs keep track of information related to any access, entitlement, and correction in confidential data.


Combat the biggest challenge in privacy and security

Constructive Management With Revolutionary Approach

EmpMonitor Compliance Management software is designed in a way to handle automatic updates, backups, and other server updates to help store captured data in EmpMonitor cloud storage. The Hybrid and Private deployment options come with rules and policies to establish the highest data protection and privacy.

Businesses can alter various policies and rules that are simple to achieve robust security. EmpMonitor’s dedicated compliance management manages these rules with great ease.

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