Case Study

Oct19, 2022

Tasks Everyday

The professionals at Tasks Everyday introduced a new wave of work culture- they wanted to provide businesses and organizations with skilled remote…  
Oct19, 2022

How Corporates are Using EmpMonitor

The year 2020 introduced a weird phase in front of the world population. Coronavirus pushed everyone inside their homes, and everyone..  
Oct19, 2022

Online Business Agency

One of our clients was facing lack of productivity in his online business. And he couldn’t be able to figure out the cause of the problem that was hurting his business…  
Oct18, 2022


Recognizing and working upon suspicious activities in the workplace was their prime focus. But using any random tool didn’t feel safe as their primary focus was data…  
Oct18, 2022

LBM Solutions

In the IT industry, there are many challenges for a growing company. Since 2016, LBM solutions have started serving in the field of IT services. Under the guida…  
Oct18, 2022


Fabdesigns are leading experts in 3-D designing and knitting since 1988. They make all sorts of products with their precise and high tech equipment. Their…