Client : Vista Print

Challenge : Suspected Low Workplace Productivity

Solution : Employee Activity Monitoring By EmpMonitor

Cimpress Service Provider Implements EmpMonitor To Get Real-Time Reports

“We implemented EmpMonitor to monitor our employee’s day-to-day tasks. The Screenshot Monitoring is one of the best features that take the screenshots of the employee’s computer screen automatically and randomly at different intervals of time, which helps to enhance overall productivity. The customer support tech and the whole team of EmpMonitor were great in helping us set up the software in a short while”, says Robert Keane, Founder & CEO, Vistaprint.

Business Challenge

With the quick increase in the use of the latest technological advancements in the workplace, the company owners faced a major drop-down in productivity levels. The reason behind this was quickly suspected, employees were wasting time surfing social media, and shopping sites, instead of planning strategies to bring their site on top. Thus, management started to,

  • Track the apps and websites employees use during work hours. 
  • Paid special attention to the number of sites used, the identity of productive sites, and the time spent on each one.
  • Started blocking the unwanted or unproductive sites which most of the employees often use.

But, checking the sites and restricting the access manually took a lot of time, which was affecting the management’s daily ongoing business operations. 

Company Profile

A Cimpress Company, with a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, along with design tools suited to every skill level and need. It empowers millions of business owners worldwide to market themselves professionally.


Monitor Your Employees Working Procedure – 

  • Evaluate the performance of your team in general, also with its members individually, and manage their working efficiency. 
  • Check the amount of time they are taking to complete one particular task.

Live View And Session Recording – 

  • Get live view and real-time insights of all the user activities and sessions, logs, and detailed history of the day-to-day tasks.
  • Gain a clear picture of the amount of time spent on unwanted or non-productive sites. 

Minimize The Wasted Time and Money –

  • Avoid Micromanaging your employees. Less time spent on micro-managing => more time for strategic planning.
  • Save money from billing the clients with actual amounts of time. 

Analysis and Reporting – 

  • Identify the employees, who are wasting most of their productive time in browsing the internet or spending time on social media.
  • Track how your employees spend their time during productivity hours. 

Train Employees About Workplace Practices –

Train employees about workplace practices and how they should work and what effect it will cause to them as well as the company if they continue these mistakes.

EmpMonitor SS Monitoring

All-In-One Live Employee Monitoring Solution

Gain complete visibility and full control over your employee’s day-to-day activities with the easy to implement screenshot monitoring feature, that increases the employees productive hours remotely from any location in 100% invisible mode.


VistaPrint now has a successful workplace tracking system thanks to EmpMonitor that integrates well with other workplace tools. The company has seen considerable benefits, especially for human resources.

Healthy Business Growth Needing Fewer Employees. There were two divisions at the time we were experiencing a productivity gap seeking more workers to meet their requirements. We saw such a major efficiency jump though after workers realized they were being tracked that we didn’t have to recruit.

Improved Allocation Management Valuable Time. Since the time we enabled EmpMonitor, we took out half the time that our team spent manually tracking people. We’ve added this tool to our list and are operating well with EmpMonitor. Our executive committee can now easily focus time on business goals instead of thinking about what the employees are doing.


  • EmpMonitor helped tremendously to Boost Employee Productivity, evaluate employee performance, and reduce work stress. Within 1 year of implementing the EmpMonitor, the overall productivity ratio of the company increased to 10% more.
  • EmpMonitor provides detailed insights into the employee’s working hours and the amount of time they are spending on each task.
  • It helps in bringing self-awareness and responsibility in the teammates, as their proactive and non-productive working hours are calculated.

About EmpMonitor

EmpMonitor is an all-in-one employee management software. It helps employers to keep a check on their employees’ work time productivity, which makes the company stay ahead of the competition by maintaining productivity, improving security, managing business operations, etc.

Delivering you the latest business solutions, that can save time and money, just like the businesses in above case studies.