Tasks Everyday Improves Performance And Customer Satisfaction With EmpMonitor

“EmpMonitor assisted us in improving our staff productivity, customer engagement, satisfaction, and work transparency over time. We are still amazed at the incredible value for money that they are.” 

— Senior Executive

About The Client- Tasks Everyday

A company that provides skilled remote workers from India and the Philippines for almost every industry.

Business Challenges

TasksEveryday was facing a few challenges in the key areas of its core business like: 

  1. Poor staff performance, decreasing productivity, and response time.
  2. Outcomes less than expected from the staff, increasing goldbricking despite a strict environment.
  3. Diminishing level of customer satisfaction over time.

The Solution

Assessing the productivity of their employees: 

  • Regular surveillance of most visited websites and most-used apps.
  • Getting constant updates on the total working and non-working hours of every single employee. 
  • Analysis of work progress using graphs and assessments based on the employee’s designation and workload. 

Identification of hard-workers and traitors: 

  • Tracking employee behavior to identify suspicious or abnormal activities among them. 
  • Skill identification by comparing work improvement among employees working on similar tasks. 
  • Finding the most hard-working staff and rewarding them with a suitable raise for their tasks. 

Tracking and recording progress of work: 

  • Recording screen captures to view the activities of employees on every platform, including the chatting apps. 
  • Identifying the sources of distraction and tracking the hurdles in commencing every task. 
  • Analysis of pending work on all platforms, recording the improvement of performed tasks. 

Devising policies and rules based on behavior: 

  • Assessing productive and non-productive hours along with activity logs to train the weaker employees. 
  • Taking strict actions against goldbrickers and data breaches by holding them responsible via their recorded working behavior. 

How EmpMonitor Helped

TasksEveryday was able to improve its workforce in the following ways: 

  1. Improvement in work sincerity, response time, and customer satisfaction over time.
  2. Better vigilance and enhancement in the dedication- better work outcomes by staff.
  3. Increased employee engagement, reduced losses, diminishing goldbricking to almost zero.

Why EmpMonitor?

TasksEveryday is an organization providing remote workers to their clients and was always aware of the threats posed in front of them when it comes to productivity. Apart from having a strict online work environment, they struggled in keeping up with their clients’ expectations. They thus wanted to deploy a tool that could assist them in identifying and working on the hurdles that caused the decreased output of their staff.

Our Helpful Features

TasksEveryday was able to utilize EmpMonitor in a variety of ways. The following features proved to be the most beneficial for them: 

  • Browser history tracking assisted them in recording the visited IPs even when the employees deleted it from their devices. 
  • Screenshots & keystrokes helped the HRs to fairly assess the tasks performed by their appointed staff in real-time. 
  • Reports & Graphs let the managers and team leaders understand the productivity of each and every employee. 
  • Stealth monitoring ensures safe supervision without letting the employees know about it.

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