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Client : Lexmores

Lexmores Uses EmpMonitor To Protect Their Client Data From Falling Into The Wrong Hands

Being a provider of legal services, it is easier to safeguard our IP rather than defending it in court. EmpMonitor helps us in protecting our client records and confidential info from online threats. We have been able to successfully reduce the risk of data leakage and the potential expense of defending any copyright case. 

– Head of Operations

About Our Client

A global Law Firm providing legal solutions to all the small-scale and large-scale businesses.

Business Challenges

The Company faced various challenges in some of the very crucial areas of their business. The most prominent ones were: 

  1. Protecting their clients’ confidential information from potential traitors leaking information outside the premises.
  2. Avoid sharing of data into the public domain or in the hands of the other agents fighting against their clients in the court.
  3. Confining their employees’ private data from the outsiders and securing their information permanently.


Our Solution 

Limit the exposure of their company information: 

  • Identifying potential online threats and malware. 
  •  Monitoring the saved company and employees’ data edited and handled by the staff. 

Tracking the traitors inside the premises: 

  • Constant surveillance of visited websites and applications by employees. 
  • Identifying abnormal behavior, data over-sharing, late shifts, unusual working hours, etc. 
  • Getting regular updates of employees’ screens and identifying the ones breaching the information. 

Real-time recording of working sessions: 

  • Recording the typed and searched keys on the employees’ devices to understand their activities while working. 
  • Getting regular screenshots of the employees’ screens to identify the exact hours of the information breach on the premises. 

How EmpMonitor Helped

Lexmores was able to witness the following benefits soon after implementing EmpMonitor: 

  1. Reducing legal defensive costs by prohibiting any intentional or unintentional data leak from the company.
  2. Identification of attempts of data exfiltration by insiders and the agents.
  3. Enhancement in employees’ performance by identifying their performed activities in real-time.

Why EmpMonitor?

Despite the strict policies and continuous vigilance, the staff at Lexmores wasn’t very assured of the safety of their company’s information. They were looking for more than just discipline among their online premises with the employees operating remotely. They wanted to track down every possibility of information mishandling to diminish the chances of data manipulation by 100%.

Our Helpful Features

EmpMonitor proved to be beneficial for Lexmores in a variety of ways. The following features proved to be the most beneficial in their premises: 

  • Regular screenshots helped them capture the suspected staff who breached data outside the premises. 
  • Top Apps & Websites allowed employers to assess the kind of information that their coworkers search for during the working hours. 
  • User Logs let them track the employees accessing the company info at unusual hours. 
  • Stealth supervision made sure that the app never appeared on the screen or TaskBar when the HRs monitored their employees.

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