As a business owner or manager, you need to know what your employees are doing during working hours. Time is the most critical metric to track when it comes to measuring productivity. It is important to utilize time efficiently to gain profits in business. Although it is an upfront investment, in the long run, it will be fruitful because of its benefits.

 ‘It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?’

With the sudden hike in remote workers due to the pandemic, businesses need to adapt to the changing work norms. Now, because managers cannot personally keep a tab on every task, time tracking software has become a crucial tool in the arsenal of work-from-home essentials. The employees must be working on assigned tasks rather than scrolling through cat photos.

What Is Time Tracking App:

A time tracking software is a tool essentially used for time management and keeping track of productive activities happening inside your company. 

It can help you and your team become more organized and get more things done. This tool can help your team become efficient and organized, thus productive. And hence it is a time management tool called a time tracking app.

How Does The Time Tracker Work:


Using Employee time tracking software will help you track the real-time work of the employees. Time tracking software is like attendance monitoring systems that record your login, breaks, and logout timing, but there are many advanced features in it. The steps below will help you know how it works, and you can analyze employee productivity during work hours. 

  • Installed In Employees System:

Most time tracking software has a desktop app that needs to be installed in your system, it is a standard way to administer your time in case you have no internet connection, and worktime gets uploaded to the server once the internet connection is restored.

  • Tracks User Activities Automatically:

This software tracks the online movements of employees, capture screenshots while the app is running, measures productivity hours, and estimates the overall performance of employees.

  • Employee Attendance Tracking:

After the employee logs into their work user, these tools create details of their entire work process. You can even confirm their attendance status by viewing their online status as it can mark attendance automatically.

  • Easy Implementation For Remote Or Office Use: 

You can use these tools in a remote work setup where your team is working from home, but you can also use this in a typical office for efficient monitoring.

  • Helps Analyze Productivity With Advanced Features:

Most automated time tracking software can provide advanced features such as automatic screenshots, app tracking, 

Need Of Time Tracking:

While remote working culture has provided many benefits for employees, it also might be the reason for unproductive work. Working from home causes a lot of distraction for employees. And it takes a lot of motivation and discipline for employees to stay focused.

Time tracking provides exactly that!

It is a human tendency to work efficiently when they know there is a time limit for completing a task. Some might experience resistance towards it, but with time it gets easy. After a while of time tracking implementation, its outcome is enough to boost efficiency, motivation, and productivity in employees without any extra effort.

Small and large businesses use time tracking to maximize the utilization of time they have, which leads to accomplishing long-term goals.

Tracking time is essential for businesses to get the most out of every second. It paves a path towards new opportunities and helps grow sustainably.

Benefits Of Time Tracking App For Your Company:


There are numerous prominent benefits of tracking time for any organization, let alone any individual. Real-time tracking helps measure productivity to get better insights over projects and employees and provides a better perspective to improve work practices.

Other than these benefits, there are many more!

  • A Surge In Productivity And Efficiency: 

Time tracking makes employees more productive and efficient. When they are required to report time spent on tasks, they tend to get more focused and execute tasks at hand ASAP.

  • Better Work Environment:

 Organizations can create better strategies while creating a healthy and productive workplace with the help of insights provided by these tools.

  •  Increase Profitability:

Time tracking gives a better aspect of where your money is going. It is crucial for the long-term goals and growth of the business. 

  • Systematic Resource Distribution:

Time spent is a key for measuring the resources needed. From the statistics, you can decide departments that require more resources. It helps an organization to spend its resources in a well-organized manner.

  • Transparency Into Work Processes:

Making time registrations a staple in your system makes your company more transparent. It allows you to keep track of the work progress, offering insights into the task completion and duration.

How To Choose The Best Time Tracking Software:


It is important to research before making a decision for choosing the best employee work time tracker suitable for your organization. You need to make a list of features you require.

Here’s a checklist for choosing the right tool suited for your business!

  • User Friendly:

A time tracking app might have all the amazing features but complicated to use is not helpful. Look for an app that is easy to use and has a reasonable learning curve for your team.

  • Customer Support:

 Customer support is very important for the times when you need technical assistance. No matter how easy a tool is to use, there will be some situations when your team will need help. Being able to access support through multiple channels is essential.

  • Includes All The Required Features:

Every time tracking tool has its advantages. And some of them are perfect for one organization but not suitable for another. Make sure that the app has all the necessary features required for your company.

  • Seamless Integration: 

There might be many other tools that you already use in your work, while you need to have good synch between these tools. So make sure to opt for applications, which provide seamless integration.

Best Time Tracking Software:


Time tracking may become hectic for managers if done manually. But don’t worry, there is plenty of amazing automatic time tracking software that can do wonders for your business. 

Are you wondering What is the best time tracking app for your business?

I have listed some best time tracking apps I recommend, along with summaries of their features and pricing details that will help you choose the right time tracker for your business.



EmpMonitor is a cloud-based automatic work time tracker app and employee monitoring system that calculates the productive and idle hours helps for measuring the productivity of your organization and employees.

EmpMonitor monitors every activity such as logging in, break time, idle time, web pages accessed, etc. All this information helps you to measure the productivity and efficiency of employees.

It provides accurate details of productive hours with just one click. It also offers an option to export the data in timesheets in the required format, which helps to minimize human error.

Key Features:

  • Productivity measurement
  • User logs
  • Screenshot monitoring
  • Stealth mode
  • Browser history tracking
  • Timesheet and project management
  • Report generation and analytics
  • Monitor employee behavior
  • Keystroke logger


EmpMonitor provides a free trial version for 15 days and has various packages starting from $5/Month. You can choose according to your requirements.




Desktime is a simple time tracking tool designed to measure employee’s productivity. It provides many crucial features like employee monitoring, project management, and productivity analysis.

DeskTime is the perfect time tracker app for companies and teams that are more interested in sustainability rather than a specific analysis of the URLs and applications their employees are using. 

Key features:

  • Daily productivity timeline.
  • Detailed visual and downloadable reports.
  • Auto screenshots.
  • Pomodoro timer.
  • Integrations with project management apps.
  • Absence calendar
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Invoicing


Desktime starts from $48/Month and also has a free version.

Time Doctor:


Time Doctor is a time tracking tool for monitoring employees and project management. It is a compelling employee monitoring tool, as it offers very detailed information about your employees and their activities.

This tracking system can also capture desktop screenshots to see what their employees are working on, record web pages and apps employees use, and minimize efficiency loss.

In addition to time tracking, Time Doctor also has payment options for employees directly from the software via PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, or any other method. You can calculate the payment from the work hours of employees. 

Key features:

  • Create payrolls and pay your employees automatically.
  • Auto screenshots.
  • Give clients access to your Time Doctor account.
  • Chat monitoring.


It has three packages to choose from, which start at $7/Month and also provide trial version.


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Concluding Words:

Time tracking enables you to make judgments about how you run projects, schedule work, etc. Companies realize that they are ultimately developing an assisting hand for their entire business. It is the ultimate solution for analyzing employee performance and boosting productivity and a great tool to maximize your business growth, providing maximum transparency in the workplace. Thus employing a time tracking tool can boost your business exponentially. In case you are using sophisticated time tracking software like EmpMonitor. It helps you monitor employee productivity so efficiently that you do not have anything to worry about.