Are you looking for the most suitable time management applications of recent times?

A great time management application is an excellent way to increase your productivity, overcome delaying tactics and accomplish more work in a short span!

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We have worked out different applications for improving self and the productivity of the entire team. And in this blog, we have tried to incorporate some applications you will require for efficient time management.

You can discover whether these apps can help you improve your efficiency and productivity in your personal or professional life and more in this blog.

Time Tracking Applications

The list of applications will assist you in monitoring the working hours you employ on multiple assignments. With these apps, you can track personal and the entire team’s performance.

1. EmpMonitor

Let’s start with the top-most time tracking app- EmpMonitor.

EmpMonitor tops the list among other time tracking applications because it acquires numerous essential features that you need to check out in detail.


Automated Time Tracking

EmpMonitor has quite an uncomplicated and effective method to monitor and manage time. Employers do not even have to turn on the timer while beginning with the task. The application is already working in the background. Assign a name to the project you are employing your time on. In return, this is part of assignments that the higher authorities have arranged for them.

EmpMonitor consequently tracks and monitors the hours you and your employees are employing on a particular project. EmpMonitor is specific about the seconds as well. Hence you can utilize the saved documents to charge your clients by the time you have spent on the task.

Website Monitoring


EmpMonitor keeps track of the applications and websites the entire team is reaching out throughout the working hours. It is for a clear perception of what they are contributing to their hours. To ensure their privacy does not get hampered, EmpMonitor does not monitor the activities on different websites and apps while not using them

Screenshot Monitoring

EmpMonitor provides one of the most prominent features that the time tracking apps should acquire, screenshot monitoring. Employers can access multiple screenshots, taken at random intervals, while the employee is accomplishing his/her current task. Employees should make sure not to use their social media profiles or any other website restricted by their companies. Necessary action can get taken against them.

Detailed Reporting

EmpMonitor produces hundreds of programmed records to furnish you with a more immeasurable conception of where your workers are employing their office hours. 

Here is a closer view of these records:

Timesheet Report 

Reports of hours accomplished by your employees across a mentioned period.

Time Usage Report 

Detailed analysis of the time spent by an employee on a specific task

Timeline Daily Report

Offers you a report wherein you can check the time spent by each employee on the tasks throughout the day.

Projects Report 

Proffers you a detailed report of which employee worked on which assignment or project and for how much time.

Website and Application Usage Report 

An analysis of all the applications and websites reached by an employee throughout the working hours.


1. Automated detailed Productivity Reports


2. Pops up Productivity Alerts. Start managing your team’s working hours and keep check of your productive and unproductive employees.


3. EmpMonitor stretches out with an Advanced Access Control feature. 

4. Complete Productivity Analysis & Measurement reports of your workers.

5. EmpMonitor also acquires a Stealth mode.

6. It has Flexible Monitoring Mode traits.

7. It also provides Role-Based Access.



We haven’t found any cons of EmpMonitor software so far.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor App
Time Doctor is another well-known time-tracking application. It is a widespread app with a customer list incorporating large scale industries Verizon, Home Depot and Apple; and some other companies like Firehouse Subs and Surveymonkey.

Time Doctor encourages you to precisely track and monitor what your workers are employing their working hours, and it assures they are working on the projects accurately. The application holds records of the entire time the team spends on working on a particular task and displays you an analysis of how they accomplished their work – for example, how much time among the office hours they employ on a project, assignments, and clients.


1. Automated time tracking capacities.

2. Extremely feature-rich and accurate time management software.

3. Uncomplicated interface for effective time tracking.

4. Multiple characteristics to guarantee that timesheet reports indicate the hours employed on assignments and projects and the time is not getting extended.

5. Exceptional measures are taken for privacy. It guarantees that employee monitoring does not take place on the day they are not working.

6. Application and Website usage tracking facility can be turned off for reliable employees if needed.

7. Your clients can clear their bills making use of the invoicing trait offered by Time Doctor.


1. Produces reports about the entire team rather than proffering individual records.

2. Time Doctor provides no free version for trial.


calendar app
The Calendar application is a helpful time management tool for an individual employee and the entire team, includes calendar sharing with infinite productivity analysis and measurement.

The Calendar time tracking application provides you with various methods to measure how you and your employees contribute to your working hours. It also extends insights regarding the productivity of the individual employee and the entire team. By sharing the calendars, you will be capable of viewing the work scheduled for the day, a week, and even a month. It can also track how many hours get employed on assignments, performances, and conferences.

The tool acquires information from the employee’s calendar and your team members to evaluate how and where they are spending time on conferences, projects, and events.


1. Provides cloud-based ability for real-time utilization and syncing over devices.

2. Time management tool with intelligent scheduling generated using machine learning.

3. Analysis and records.

4. Chrome extension and all-powerful Safari

5. Various program levels, incorporating a trial version.


1. Require in-application buying for analytical or conference transcription facilities.

2. No complicated language ability.

3. This time management app requires more custom-made features.


roadmap app
The roadmap is a valuable time tracking application for holding appropriate records of your remote workers, particularly if you are looking forward to coordinating and managing the shifts of an enormous number of remote workers in your team.

The roadmap app provides you with a collection of aspects of all the remote employees of your team. You can check where your employees are under-performing or are assigned too many tasks.

You can check out how your long term goals and objectives are following up with the certainties of the resources and so that you can customize with your employees scheduling accordingly.


1. Convincing time tracking tool with high-level outlining abilities

2. Investment tracking capacities

3. The cloud-based outlining program gets treated by Amazon’s well-known EC2 platform.

4. In place increased safety and privacy defenses 


1. No Android or iOS application available for mobile devices

2. No free trial available

3. No automated time tracking

4. Provides details about the entire team and does not support individual tracking

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To Wrap It Up

Along with the appropriate combination of the task and time management applications, you can remain organized and always prepared beforehand, run all your tasks more efficiently, and can stay highly productive and more than you can ever imagine.

To see how a time management app works and how can the applications assist you and benefit your team members, sign up to EmpMonitor today? EmpMonitor has got all the significant features you require to increase your concentration on work and productivity instantly!

Which time management application do you believe will be the most convenient for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

I hope the article helped you know more about Time management apps. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!