Most of the companies around the world have productivity as their top priority. And due to this performance-based work culture, there is a boom in the market of productivity software. Now you have plenty of tools, which might help you to maximize your workplace productivity. While there are also services that can provide you with advice and suggestions so that you can enhance the work performance of your employees. However, with so many sales pitches in the market, it would be difficult for you to opt for genuine service.

In this article, we are not focusing on the tools, but here we are going to show you some techniques and strategies implementing which you can surely lift the production rate of your organization.

So, are you ready to pace up the productivity of your business?

These are the top 8 smart productivity hacks that would get most of your work done this year.

The Pomodoro Technique

It is a time management technique that encourages people to complete their work responsibilities in the limited amount of time they have. The idea behind the Pomodoro is to break down all your tasks in 25 minutes time blocks. Between each slot, you can take a 5 min break, and after completing a set of four Pomodoros, you can take 10 to 20 minutes of relaxation break. This method really works as it improves the focus of a person on a particular task at a certain amount of time. That’s the reason why this tactic is so powerful as it can help you to improve the work performance of your employees and can get you better results in the least expected time.

Note Down 3 Most Important Tasks(MITs):

Sometimes multitasking can result in ambiguity, and it may cause productivity loss. Multitasking gives a false sense of efficiency, which ends up costing you more time than it saves. According to a study, multitasking has a wide range of negative impacts on the human mind, and it can also harm the decision making capability. In such a case, you need to make early preparation while you can opt for the 3 most important tasks for the day before starting your work. That way, it would be easier for you to keep pushing the production rate in your firm, as you can focus on the tasks that are more important for your business.


Two Minute Rules For Quick Tasks:

During work hours, it’s inevitable that some quick tasks will pop up in between. And usually, such tasks won’t take much time, but it might be enough to waste your time, which can’t be easily compensated for later. So instead, you should follow the two minutes rule in which you have to complete such quick tasks in less than 2 minutes of time. If you could be able to accomplish this rule for quick tasks, it would help you to save enough time so that you can work on other important tasks and could complete them before deadlines.

Right Project Management Tool:

Nowadays, there are many productivity tools in the market that can help you with the management of tasks and projects efficiently. So the first thing that you should be looking for is the good project/task management tool. Although there are plenty of options, and it might be a tough choice to opt for the right one. Trello and Asana are some of the great options for projects and tasks management. While you also need to monitor the productivity of your team so that your team can accomplish their goals taking the least amount of time. If you are looking for a productivity tool to improve management in your workplace, EmpMonitor can be the right option for you. It has the best remote employee monitoring features like time management, real-time monitoring, attendance management, productivity reports, etc that can help you to keep a close eye on the performance of your employees.


Right Collaboration Tool:

Having effective communication is important, and you might be looking for a collaboration tool that can help you with that. A collaboration tool can help you and your employees to work together as a team. Especially when you are working with a remote team, it won’t be easier for you and your team to communicate with each other.

Website Blocker For Avoiding Distraction:

There are tons of websites out there that could distract your employees and ruin your productivity. People would like to check social media, web streaming, and do online shopping all the time. And it’s also possible that your team members would get distracted because of these kinds of things. Meanwhile, you can implement a website blocker implementing which you can block all the websites that are not productive for your business. That way, you and your team could really focus on work to accomplish business goals and gain good results for your business.

You can also use EmpMonitor as a website blocker, as it has a feature which allows you to block domains that you won’t find useful for your business productivity.

Keep Track Of Your Work

Another great feature of EmpMonitor is that it lets you keep track of the real-time work activities of your employees. So that you can easily inspect the work progress of your team members. In case if someone in the team faces any issue with their work, you can find the problem and look for the best solution. Thus you could be able to avoid unnecessary time waste on pointless emails and chats, which you can use to solve the real problem.

Schedule Notifications

Notifications can really help you to prepare yourself for the upcoming tasks. Even if you are not a big fan of notifications, as it may distract your focus. However, you can also address such notifications on your break time. And in case of any urgent work, you can shift your preference to complete urgent tasks right away.


Discover Your Lags

Have you been lagging on some tasks/projects from the deadline time? If yes, then you need to address such tasks to complete them before the given time frame. Often, it happens that we have to work on some urgent tasks and we forget about our regular tasks. And it creates a lag in our work schedule. To compensate for that you need to discover those pending work and to finish them before their deadlines.

Make 2020 More Productive

You might have heard of the expression that work smart, not hard. It’s the simple truth that most of the successful entrepreneurs try to improve their performance instead of working more. And it helps them to achieve better efficiency at their workplace. Nowadays, there are so many smart tools (like EmpMonitor) in the market that can help you to keep the track of productivity in your firm. To be more productive in your business, you need to manage things smartly and productivity management tools can help you with that.

Hopefully the above given productivity hacks can really help you to improve the work efficiency and productivity of your team. If you have learned anything from this article, please share it with others also. For any further queries, you can leave the comment below.

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