The work culture of all organizations is different from one another. So, it is the responsibility of the employers to introduce the working environment to the new employees. This process is called employee onboarding solutions.

Few organizations take one day for this process, where a few take nearly 18 months to complete the onboarding process. This process starts immediately after the employees receive the offer letter.


The employee onboarding process should be efficient. Why?

With this process, the employee has an interaction with the organization after completing a lengthy interview process. The decision of the employees to join the organization depends upon this process. The onboarding solution with the improper process can decrease the reputation of your organization and affect the company.

The good onboarding process of employees makes them familiar with their working environment and goals with clear objectives. Also, the new employees will get a chance to interact with other employees and form a strong relationship with them.


What is the importance of the employee onboarding solutions process in an organization?

importance of employee onboarding solutions

The new hires are unknown to the culture and goals of the company. Through employee onboarding solutions, the new joiners get trained for their job responsibilities. They get aware of how to work during their paid hours with increased productivity. This process starts as soon as the employee accepts the offer letter and lasts for 18 months.

Important point: Do you know the difference between onboarding solutions and orientation? Do you think both the processes are the same?. The onboarding process starts after the employees accept the offer letter offered by the company. This letter lasts for 18 months in most places. Orientation is an event conducted for the new joiners during the onboarding process.


Importance of employee onboarding solutions process in quick points:

  • Boost the morale of the new hires.
  • Do not take much time to improve with productivity.
  • The onboarding solutions reduce efforts during the training period.
  • Also, in an organization, onboarding helps to build a strong relationship with the other employees.


What are the stages in the onboarding solutions process?


The employee onboarding process includes the following stages:

1. Preparation:

In this initial stage, the employee should be aware of the onboarding process to remain prepared for it.

2. Orientation:

Orientation is the event where the new joiners will have a glimpse of the achievements of the organization. Also, the new hires will get to know the work culture, mission, and vision of the company. Also, they will get to know what benefits they will get if they start working with the company.

3. Integration:

In this stage, the new hires need to get introduced to their departments and the team members with whom they will work. Also, they will get access to the tools which they need during their work process.

4. Engagement:

This stage includes working with the company culture, meeting new colleagues, and hard work to achieve company goals.

5. Follow-up:

In this stage, all your activities during the onboarding process get monitored to know their effect.


Now, let us discuss what are the benefits of the employee onboarding process.


Benefits of the employee onboarding process:

1. Attracting the top talent:

When you have a good onboarding process, your foundation will be strong enough to create a good working environment. In this way, you can attract more talents to your organization.

2. The high rate of engagement at an early stage:

With the best onboarding program, new employees will have a clear idea about the workplace, job to do, what to do, and how to do it. Ultimately, the new employees will work with increased productivity.

3. Boost the growth of the business:

When employees are well trained during the onboarding process, they will automatically work with their full efforts to reach the desired success. Employees with good productivity help in boosting the growth of the business.

4. Alignment and trust building:

During the employee onboarding process, the new employees get aware of the company culture and best practices to work with increased productivity. They also get to know what are the company goals to achieve. So, a strong onboarding program can build trust among the employees.

5. Encourage open communication:

When the new employees have good relations with their seniors, they can communicate directly with them and share problems they face during their working hours. This sense of togetherness allows employees to work with high confidence and achieve desired results.

The onboarding process is not specifically helpful for employers in a company. It also helps deal with your new clients who bought your products or want to buy your products. Let us see how.


How can we manage our employee or HR onboarding solutions through employee monitoring tool: 


Only guiding your new employees and introducing them to your workplace is not enough. It is the employers who need to monitor whether the new employees are working according to their guidance or not.

Going to each employee’s desk and checking their work is impossible. So, the technology has brought a new invention to make monitoring of employees easy for employers. It is called employee monitoring software.

There are many employee monitoring software available in the market. But you need to choose the right one for your organization. After a lot of searching, I knew that EmpMonitor has all the features that an organization needs to monitor its employees. Let us know about it in detail.


Best employee onboarding software solutions tool:

Out of many, there is one best monitoring tool, as per my experience, that is EmpMonitor. EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring software tool with which you can monitor your employee’s work during their working hours. During the employee onboarding process, the employers need to check whether new hires are working or not. EmpMonitor can help them out in many ways.


Features of EmpMonitor:

1. Productivity reports:


The effectiveness and productivity of the employees get provided with insightful chats for the organization. You can also monitor the production workflow of your organization.

2. Screenshots:

Screenshots are captured automatically with quality. The minimum interval to take a screenshot is 15 seconds. You can select your interval as per your needs. You can have screenshot access of 90 days of a customizable employee. In this way, you can keep your company data safe.

3. Track browser history and top apps used:

With EmpMonitor, you can track the websites and URLs used by your employees during their working hours. Here you can monitor the malicious website and alert your employees regarding this to avoid further issues.


EmpMonitor tracks the apps used by the employees during their work. Also, you can stop your employees from using malicious apps that are banned to avoid issues.

5. Currently active users:

EmpMonitor gives you reports about the employees who are working currently.

6. Dashboard:

With the help of EmpMonitor, you can monitor and manage your employees from a single dashboard.

7. Department wise report:

To avoid confusion, EmpMonitor provides you detailed reports of your employees and their work according to their department.

8. Report on downloads:


Employees use the internet and download things required in their work. You can get a detailed report on those downloads so that you can avoid malicious downloads intentionally or unintentionally done by your employees.

9. Employee details:

You can also get employee details and their working locations through EmpMonitor.

10. Employee work details with the screenshot:


How your employees are working and on which tasks your employees are currently working, these all information you can get from EmpMonitor.

11. Idle users:

If your employees are not working and sitting idle at their workplace, you can monitor and take action against them.

12. Timesheets:


With detailed timesheets, you can track the time taken by the employees to complete a single task.

13. Auto Email Reports:

Automate the sharing of user reports with designated staff via emails through EmpMonitor. Send insights without actually sending them.

After having a brief idea about the features of EmpMonitor, let me tell you how you can get EmpMonitor and run it in your employees’ system. Here is a short video for it. 

While focusing on employees is crucial for every organization, it is also crucial for employers to deploy similar strategies for getting their customers on board. 


Well, proper customer onboarding can get you high customer retention and better ROI in the long run. As these strategies can build your business, let us focus on customer onboarding solutions, as it is beneficial for the employees to deal with their customers. 


Best practices for customer onboarding solutions:

customer onboarding solutions

We always try to provide the best products to our clients. But sometimes clients churn out for basically two reasons-

  • They might have felt difficulty in understanding your product.
  • They might not get the value that they expected from your product.

Through client onboarding solutions, you can resolve both of these problems and make your clients’ experience beautiful. Let us see a few best practices for client onboarding.

1. First of all, know your customer:

Knowing your customer well is necessary, as it will help you modify the changes to reach their expectations.

2. Make your expectations clear before your customer:

Mention how your products and what benefits your customer can have from your products before they purchase them.

3. Show value:

Make clear what value your product will offer before your customer buys it.

4. Strong communication:

The communication medium between you and your customer should be strong so that you can resolve any issue faced by your customers. After the welcome message, you should send the how-to tutorials for your products.

5. Get their feedbacks:

Feedbacks are important. Through this feedback, you can know how your client is experiencing your products after buying them. In case if any of your clients are unsatisfied with your product or facing some issue, you can immediately work on it to get a smile on the face of your client.

6. Measure your achievement:

After collecting the feedback, you can now calculate your achievements you have received through the products.


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Closing thoughts:

Onboarding is a tricky task to accomplish, but it can be simply achieved with proper collaboration, transparency, and an interactive environment. You can do so by focusing on your existing work environment. 

Using monitoring tools is one helpful shortcut to doing so. These tools can get you the pain points for employees to improve. In this onboarding process, such tools can ensure a transparent and streamlined workplace.

It is not possible to go to each employees’ desk and check what they are doing. So, employee monitoring software can help you watch your employees’ and deploy better onboarding solutions. Employees will be more sincere towards their job, work more productively, and would still feel comfortable with the transparency! For your easy reference, we have discussed one of the best employee monitoring software in this blog.

If you find this article helpful or want to add something to make it more valuable, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. Please share your experience if you turn to use EmpMonitor as your employee onboarding solution. I would love to hear from you!

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