In today’s corporate world, employers are most concerned about monitoring the desktops of their employees to evaluate their productivity. Monitoring desktops include perceiving a detailed report regarding the activities of employees on their desktops. With this, the employers can keep track of the tasks, assignments, and projects on which the employee has worked throughout the office hours.

Employee desktop monitoring has now become very popular in organizations. The reason is now the employers can focus on raising the productivity of the employees with great ease. And this will lead to the overall development and productivity of the company. Desktop monitoring also incorporates monitoring activities of the employees, unusual behavior, and tracking insider threats.

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Monitoring Desktops


It is 2021, we have realised that the Internet and desktop are an integral part of the organisation and business, providing resources to the employees is essential for receiving more productivity. But at times the in-office employees and remote workers seem to be misemploying these resources. And the companies receive less productivity due to this reason.

So they are looking forward to monitoring their employees’ desktop without them recognising that they are under surveillance throughout the working hours. Hence, they can get a clear picture regarding the list of productive and unproductive employees in their company.

Now that we have identified the problem, we need to hunt for the solution as well. The employers do not have that much time to personally check the activities of every employee. 

Another alternative is to hire a team which will do the needful. But how about installing software that will provide you with all the required assistance?

EmpMonitor is an efficient employee monitoring software which effectively monitors the desktop of each employee individually. It makes sure that the employers can see every activity performed on the employee’s monitor. It ensures high quality and detailed reports, stored in cloud-based storage that the higher authorities do not even miss out a single detail. Employers can have a complete look at all the systems from a single desktop.


Employers do not have to check each system separately to know what is going on throughout office hours. Well, the best part is the employers receive screenshots taken at different intervals. Screenshot monitoring serves as a helping hand as you can use them as proof and take necessary actions against the unproductive employees. 

Increasing Productivity


Sluggish growth of a business or inadequate productivity is one of the most concerning factors in an organisation. Several reasons are there for a company to have stagnant growth and mark minimum productivity. Few of them are listed below.

1. Increasing competitors 

2. Shortage of teamwork between employees and management

3. Weak performance

4. Low demands of products and services

Most marketing and businesses, including Banking, E-learning, Project Management, E-Commerce, Online Marketing and Software Development, operate on the basis of IT infrastructure. Every organisation under IT-based support utilise the internet to execute each task, assignment or project related to their business endeavours. Accordingly, in every IT-based business, workers are attached to the internet via a domain server or a desktop.

From multiple research we observed, employees usually employ their working hours in inefficient computer activities, including checking their social media profiles, which is unacceptable. The organisations can effortlessly monitor unproductive employee desktop activities through desktop monitoring software. Nevertheless, desktop monitoring of every in-office and remote worker in a company is a pretty daunting responsibility for the management.

Presently, by using a desktop management tool, managers can efficiently keep track of each computer activity of the workers present at the office or working from any corner of the world and serving an organisation. It completely observes the desktop activities continuing live on an employee desktop throughout office hours. Besides, the monitoring tool also keeps a check on desktop activities, even if it is offline. 

Now talking about EmpMonitor, the desktop monitoring tool is established on the central desktop for maintaining the records and the employee’s desktops to monitor their activities. It enables the device supervisor to convey notification to multiple employee computers. The software supports the management of an organisation in reducing the unemployed employee desktop activities. Installing EmpMonitor to the systems will help the workers to grow more sincere in their assignments. It eventually enhances the entire productivity of the company.

Monitoring desktops of employees run in three different modes.

1. Invisible Mode 

2. Online Mode

3. Stealth Mode

Weak productivity of the employees is a major drawback for any business. Several organisations presently utilise IT support to manage their enterprises. In the big IT industry, employees normally employ their working hours in unproductive activities that influence their complete productivity. The organisation can presently efficiently observe and control the unproductive employee desktop activities with EmpMonitor.

Reasons You Must Trust Desktop Monitoring Software


A current study designates, Desktop Monitoring Software establishment is a necessity for all the organisations.

If you question that, then the employees may not be performing their best during the working hours or maybe acquiring confidential information and practising it for unusual reasons. Hence you are required to extend the strings and increase your security levels. 

The typical problem encountered by higher authorities is to keep track of everything an employee is performing at different intervals of the working hours. It is not done to look into the personal matters of the employee but to manage the return on investment and delivering the tasks on time, managers do need to hold a mark on all of their activities.

CCTV or surveillance cameras may hold several checks on the overall activities throughout the working hours of the employee; the desktop activity should be taken care of while managing the productivity of the employees. If the current survey is to be considered, then, seventy per cent or more of, workers involve themselves in chattering, social media scrolling or reviewing their emails. 

What can get worse than workers finish up administering vital information of the company to the competitors! Some desktop monitoring software has settings to block the particular website and protect some data from it, but this is not really effective. Employees can simply find different ways out to unblock the software and perform any activity. 

Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the employees do accomplish their tasks preferably than spending in-office hours in unproductive activities. Desktop monitoring software is a tool that keeps track of all computer activities of the employees by capturing a screenshot at regular intervals and communicating to the higher authorities. 

The point that employers can establish and manage this software without notifying the employees, delivers it as a powerful desktop monitoring tool. The stealth mode feature allows the tool to not be presented on the task manager. It assures all the computer activities of the employees are monitored without their acknowledgement. 

Besides, it is true that if employees are aware that they are getting observed, there are fewer possibilities for them to deviate from their tasks. EmpMonitor efficiently captures screenshots at routine intervals without the knowledge of the employees. It also reads and holds records of the history of visited websites and applications, internet usage and other activities implemented by the employee. 

The feature benefits if the employers need to discover who leaked and transferred some valuable information about the company. Likewise, by studying the previously downloaded software records, employers can identify if any modifications were executed in any of the software. If they find any such errors, the employers can perceive which employee made what changes and the purpose behind every activity and improve it efficiently.

It holds the record of the email id and passwords and other information that is typed by any employee at some interval within the working hours. EmpMonitor preserves all the activities that any worker performs on his/her devices which can succeeding be reconsidered or imprinted by the managers.

All the features and traits make EmpMonitor an excellent desktop monitoring software that should be employed by the managers to keep track of their employees. The tool is also convenient to use in its free trial version. Accordingly, employers can download and utilise it to check out the features themselves before initiating a purchase.

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Wrapping Words

Incorporating a collection of features, EmpMonitor is the most reliable desktop monitoring software to hold records of your employees desktop activities during the working hours. 

I hope the blog helped you know more about Monitoring Desktops. Is there something that we can include? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!