The festive season of lights, online sales, and gift distribution are all here. It is Diwali time! With the coming brightness of Diwali, it won’t be easy for the managers to deal with a largely festive staff who are in a celebratory mood.

In such a scenario, the biggest challenge to management is how to handle multiple leaves requests from employees. It is the big responsibility of the management team to handle everything correctly without making employees disgruntled.

However, sometimes the feeling of a looming holiday can also work in favor of employers. And it might help them to speed up the work so that employees would be able to finish the long-pending tasks on time even if it takes the burning of midnight oil to complete them all.

It depends on the management of how they manage teams together to make their work progress during this Diwali. In this blog, we are showing how the management can handle the work during this Diwali while also satisfying their employees.

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Higher Revenue More Work Pressure

For most startup companies, the festive season is the time to leverage. With a huge number of orders coming, they can’t allow their employees to enjoy holidays. However, this would also increase the work pressure on employees, and they might not be able to give their best efforts.

In such a case, management can reward their employees with monetary and non-monetary gifts. That way, you can also motivate your employees to not take work as pressure but take it as a fun way to enjoy the festive season.

Some companies also provide their employees with a flexible work environment and let them work remotely from their homes. While there are many ways, management can deal with the situation, which can lighten up the mood of the employer and employees both.

Here we have shown some ideas. Have a look!

Create A Holiday Schedule

Everybody wants to enjoy their holiday time during festivals. But with the pending tasks remaining, managers can’t leave out the entire team at the same time. And that is what makes it more challenging for the management to handle the situation.


In such a case, having an attendance tracker could be a big help as it allows them to learn about employees who are more punctual and quite disciplined with their attendance. That way, it makes it easier for the management to decide whom to give priority to in the list of employees applied for their leaves.

Moreover, management can also ask their employees to give prior information about their leave request for at least a month in advance. So that it would be easier for the management  and they can also prepare themselves to make efficient decisions before creating a right holiday schedule for their workforce.

First Come First Served

Of course, those who have applied earlier should get the preference on the list. And if someone is requesting to get an emergency leave for short notice, they must have a good reason since it’s the duty of the management to maintain disciplinary decorum in the organization.

Additionally, make sure that employees who are asking for leave are regular in their work. To avoid biasing in the system, you can implement a rotation policy for granting leaves so that everyone could get the equal opportunity to take leave on their important occasions.

Flexible Work Possibilities

As we know that Diwali is the time for doing real business, and some companies have a tight work schedule even during the festive season. In such a scenario, it could be exhausting for the employees to travel long distances to the office, and they might not be able to focus on their work.


Now, in this Diwali season, you can allow employees some work flexibility or let them work from their homes. It has been seen that with flexible timing options, employees can focus on their work and can be more productive for the business.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, many companies have already implemented work from home policies in their company. And to manage everything remotely, such companies have implemented intelligent employee monitoring solutions like EmpMonitor.

If  you are also willing to allow your employees flexibility to work remotely, then  you should opt for the best remote monitoring solution ie EmpMonitor.

Part Timers Fare

With piles of workload, sometimes companies have to hire part-time workers who can work remotely during the holiday season. In case your employees are hoping to get their leaves sanctioned during this Diwali.

To deal with such situations you can switch to rely on some talented and experienced people who would like to work part-time for your company. With flexible employment conditions, you might be able to reach more part-timers while you can make use of the employee monitoring software to keep the accountability so that you can ensure better productivity in your business.

Reward Your Employees

Don’t you think that the festive season is the right time to reward your dedicated employees who have worked hard to finish all pending tasks before festive vacation? Rewarding your employees would help you to boost their motivation, and it might also help you to bring out the best effort in their work.


Another way to encourage your workforce is to organize a Diwali celebration together with them. However, this Diwali, it may not be possible to physically interact with your employees while you can virtually collaborate with them. Enjoying the celebration may also help you to create a happy work atmosphere in your organization.

Virtual Celebration

Even when your staff is physically not together, it doesn’t mean that you can not plan to celebrate festivals together with your workforce. Using the virtual collaboration tools, now it has become possible for the remote team to come together on a single screen.

Many companies are using this as an opportunity to celebrate this festive season virtually with their remotely working team members. You can also plan to use such innovative ideas in your company, which encourages employees to participate in such events. And it will also help you to raise the spirits of your employees by giving them a much-needed break from their work stress.

Decorate Your Workplace

Now, this last thing is not for the management but for employees. Being an employee, they can show their excitement by decorating their workspace at home. Although this year,  it might not be possible to have a traditional Diwali celebration on your workstation. But they can still use this as an opportunity to show the spirit of the festival of lights by sharing their happiness together with colleagues.

Final Words

Every year  companies do their best  to put effort on increasing production during the festive season. However, due to the Covid 19  situation, many things may not have gone according to their expectations.  Also, in the festive seasons, managers also have to deal with employees in their festive mood. With a bit of planning and work flexibility, managers can ensure work progress in their organization while keeping their teams happy.

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So this Diwali, may happiness, peace and prosperity come in the life of you and  your employees. Enjoy Diwali with your team to the fullest!