Currently, we are living in the middle of a pandemic and trying to acclimate to work from home. However, we all endure struggles to keep our productive momentum going and keep the distractions of our comfort zones at bay. 

The worst part of the time is it keeps ticking whether you notice it or not. And time is money that’s why time wasters has been a constant matter of concern for the organization. It does not matter if employees are working from home or operating in offices. 

We are not here to offer you the productivity experts to analyze the time-wasting activities or persons. In this article, you will witness the discussion for time-wasting distractions, tips to stay productive, and tactics to overcome them.

So, without any further delay, let us dive into the topic;

Do you know office workers, according to research, get interrupted every 11 minutes, then it takes 25 more minutes to get back on track? Is it a burden-boosting practice? Therefore eradicating distractions can assist the employees for better productivity, decreasing their stress, and helps them to stay focused and efficient. 

To apprehend, below is the list of some habits which every employee must keep at bay while working. If not possible, then some tips to keep them at balance.

Time Wasting Habits To Avoid While Working


Knowing how employees mistreat their time can be proved helpful for an individual and management. So, both parties understand where they can take the necessary steps to avoid them.

 Here are 04-time wasters habits for the employee while working from home;

Social Media 


This term is an effective time wasters for the workplace and work-from-home employees because no matter where we go, social media platforms and smartphones are constantly with us.

Social media is a tremendous time-eater; the average user wastes their time in social media at least two hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It can distract you while working on superior tasks. However, once distracted, it takes much more effort to regain the focus momentum.

The best way to overcome social media distraction for individuals is to set a particular time during the day.  Decide and slot the specific time to log in to your social media account and spend decided time to refresh your mind. 

While for management, using productivity tracking software can assist in tracking down the time taken to complete a specific task by an employee. It will make employees stay focused on their tasks and further meet deadlines without getting distracted.

Personal Conversations


Personal calls, the water coolers talk, chit chats, chatty workers, app notifications are dangerous day eaters for your professional time. No matter how hard we try, these factors are undeniable.

But in certain circumstances, it is not ideal for the conversation between the team workers to get blocked. It is essential to building a trust bond between them. Although personal conversation can be a disturbance while working remotely, once you get involved in the chats, an hour will slide by in a few minutes.

The best way to keep the disturbance away is to set up your working space in a separate room for an isolated environment for a better working mind. Also, we agree it is difficult but try to ban cell phone usage if not possible, keep track of the amount of time you are spending on it.

The Chaos of Personal Responsibilities 

time- wasters

Personal responsibilities are the biggest obstacle to productivity for remote working employees. Although,  it is beneficial to manage some of the individual liabilities while maintaining your working rounds like dropping off the children, buying groceries, and many more. But these responsibilities came across in your professional duties. 

Keep a to-do schedule ready for all your tasks and try to figure out the works managed at different times of the day.

Lazy Schedules 

During a 9-5 work cycle, you work, and when done, you sign off. It sounds boring and old but,  at least it keeps you in perfect momentum of productivity.  

But at home, you can perform the work whenever you desire, hop multiple breaks in between, the privilege of waking up late and end up working till midnight. Evade disordered timing by setting a flexible or strict (whichever you are comfortable with ) schedule to follow up and plan your leverages accordingly.

Above mentioned features are drafted for remote workers here some time-wasting habits while in office working routines.

Lack of prioritization 


You can save your precious time by managing the task which needs your attention and is severe. Employees misuse their time due to a deficiency of prioritization, especially for multi-tasking employees and teams.

Make a habit of listing the task required to perform first and plan accordingly for the whole week. This way, you focus your mind on the priority task and can complete them before the deadlines.

Are you finding it challenging to meet your deadlines? Want a few tactics to make deadlines your positive points? Click here.

The upcoming section is proven to be demotivated, causing a bundle of unproductivity and disengagement.



Sometimes we have some task that makes us postpone unless it becomes urgent or the deadline comes nearby. Either remote working or office working employees procrastinating tasks are the cause of piling up the assignments.

Postponing the current task does not mean that you do not need to finish it. Instead of procrastinating, try to finish it in the most productive hours, try to focus and train the mind, set up the timer, and finish it instead of waiting for the deadlines to come. 

Regular Watching at Your Mails 


Checking your email box is a waste of time, and we tend to do it several times a day. Apart from some emails, the majority of emails are unnecessary and just promotional stuff. While checking your inbox, you are diverting your mind from the task. As said earlier, once distracted, it would take 25 min to get your mind back on track. 

Most of the emails come because you have subscribed to numerous sites. Try to deregister the sites, not obliged to diminish the clutter in the inbox.


Keeping track of individual productivity can be a daunting task, but necessary too. Identifying time-wasters can be a great way to gain productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, with time and productivity management tools, this task is done easily. Employee monitoring software can unburden tracking and monitoring tasks to a great extent.


EmpMonitor is a cloud storage software efficient in managing time and monitoring employees from a single dashboard. EmpMonitor account is accessible to any internet-enabled device giving you access from anywhere at any time. Easy to go with user management, get real-time insights, manage attendance, and automating screenshots capturing.

Instead of executing various critical policies, being supportive can get your team on productive pathways. Let’s see how to tackle time wasters in an organization.

How To Overcome Time Wasters In an Organization

 Here are a 02 tactics to overcome time wasters for your employees.;

Focus on meeting agendas 

The main tactic to have a productive meeting is to inform the team earlier regarding the meeting agendas. So that they would be clear about the matter of discussion for the meeting and cutting the cords of unnecessary presence.

When you trace down the subject and matter of the meeting, the chances are high that you will conduct a to-the-put conversation resulting in less time wastage.

Time Tracking

When you know and trace how you are spending your time, you become more efficient. That’s the reason why relying on employee monitoring or productivity managing software like EmpMonitor is recommended.

Equipped with URL tracking, browser history, and idle time calculator, you can track your employee’s and individual’s own time and maintain it accordingly.

Don’t worry about getting hateful for monitoring your employees. According to research, 80& of employees say it’s ok for an organization to monitor their profession-related tasks and find it beneficial for themselves also. 

Plan Out 

Lack of planning is the emphasized reason why time wasters takes over our lives. Framing the day can create a blueprint in your mind, so you will be clear about what tasks need to be completed on that particular day. This leads you to cut off the feeling of constrained and pressured. 

Try to plan out the priority tasks on short breaks and how to complete them on time. This way you are saving your time and chances of less temptation to revolve around time-wasting activities.

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Say No Time Wastage !

It’s kind of discouraging and disheartening , when the simple task takes much more time. However , when you adopt a more effective process for managing the time ,you can train yourself and employees to fix the time issue they are getting with it.

Remote work is beneficial for both workers and management. But that doesn’t imply that working from home is an excellent combination. As we’ve seen, there are several productivity tricks that remote workers can come into, spending their time and disturbing the course on both sides of the comparison. Dodge these, however, and you’ll establish a more constant, more active, more fruitful employed position.

Did I skip something or any suggestion, please let me know in the comment section below. I Would love to hear about it.