Nowadays, a captivating subject of working is swapping the cubicles with the relaxation zones. Hybrid office mode is a turnover of regular traditional office culture as Covid 19 hits the world, resulting in businesses running underground.

Statistic states, 35% of workplaces do not currently have a reopening mind, 68% of employers want their employees to come to the office at least three times a week, and 22% of organizations believe ready to go in the office is the priority.

In the future, it will be unusual for a corporation to desire the employee’s participation every day from nine to five in the office. Employees want versatility and leverage the convenience of remote working, while employers want to focus on productivity and efficiency on balance.

  • How hybrid workplaces affect productivity? 
  • What are the views of employees and employers on this topic? 
  • What are the advantages and effects of hybrid office working?  
  • What is the satisfaction level of employees in a hybrid office?


This article covers all the questions above, but before let us drive through the necessary information regarding the term hybrid offices.

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What Is A Hybrid Office?

The hybrid office is becoming more popular than ever before due to the pandemic going on. It consists of employees who work in the office, while others work from home, and allows for more freedom over when and where work completes.

A hybrid workplace means employees prevail in the office to do their respective work while some prefer to work from home, and others still might be required to go into the office on occasion.

There are many diverse hybrid office combinations where employees are allowed a certain amount of time in an office space. However, work from home is most preferential among the employees.

COVID 19 & Hybrid Office 


As the COVID 19 wave is crashing the world again. Many organizations are left with no options apart from enrolling their employees for the hybrid workplace. Adjustments and cooperating with lockdown orders organizations had to shift to hybrid working, but productivity and management remains at the top of the priority.

As the orders to lockdown aired, organizations have to switch to WFH models or the partial work from home setup. Some regional rules and regulations allow some staff to work from the office while others proceed for remote work.

Hybrid offices or the workplace quickly gained the new norm and considered becoming the future of work culture. This topic turned out to be our subsection presenting below;

The Illusion Of The Future Of Hybrid Office


Nobody ever imagined working from home will be a part of their life, yet it excites in all ways as ditching the boring nine to five office routines. Ultimately, the big offices will remain the hub, although it would be unlikely for the organizations to ask all of their employees to come back again in the high capacity.

The future workplace is a combo of remote and in-office working. We can see small groups of employees work in the office occasionally. Indeed it is now an employed routine, but some organizations remain hesitant to adopt it. The main concern revolves around the productivity, efficiency of the employee.

Productivity and Hybrid Office 


Productivity and efficiency persist the rumored topics when coming to the hybrid office phase. In lack of hybrid policy and proper technology, sooner or later, the hybrid office will commence to miscommunication, poor workplace productivity, less management, and even lawsuits. Companies are announcing and engaging their permanent adoptions operations for hybrid offices. 

Numerous technologies are developed to ease efficiency and management-related tasks. Here is one of the best-reviewed and reliable software in the budget for managing the employee on hybrid mode. 

With onboarded 680 companies and the sale of 68000 licenses, EmpMonitor is raising demand around the corporations. Statistics say that monitoring employees can increase their productivity and result in up to 25% savings in the business cost. 

EmpMonitor hybrid-office

Originated in 2014, EmpMonitor diameter remains focused on productivity, management, and insider threat detection, proffering the workplace productive and secure. With a family of 50+ members to showcase the expertise and 1000+ and still counting happy customers, it is available worldwide.

It’s a cloud-based storage technology with a single dashboard managing and monitoring remote employees. EmpMonitor is accessible from any internet-enabled device anywhere at any time.

After discussing the technology, emphasizing the happy employee segment is what every organization desires and seeks. Here are a few pointers to maintain employee satisfaction while on hybrid working.

03 Tips To Increase Employee Satisfaction In The Hybrid Workplace 


Few tactics that can improve your teams hybrid working experience;

Communicating way-

We all understand that managers do not need to communicate with their employees often and regularly. However, it is mandatory to make sure that the employees can communicate with each other easily.

Create Procedures and policies beneficial for everyone-

Nothing frustrates an employee more than workplace politics and injustice treatment. That is why the workplace policies must be beneficial to all the employees rather than just one group of employees. To cut off the injustice treatment, craft a well-defined policy regarding attendance and timekeeping, mobile usages and overtime, etc.

Choose an accurate way to measure productivity-

It is a fact, managing the employee and tracking the productive hours can be a tricky task. Translating to the employee the measurements the company is taking for better productivity is also a daunting task.

Think about it, if an employee comes early and leaves late does not justify that they are more productive. But the complicated task is to demonstrate to the employee where they lack behind in terms of productivity. The actual performance is the perfect indicator of productivity. Consider adopting the right tool to measure the productivity level of the employee accurately.

Why is EmpMonitor Reliable for Hybrid Workplace?

It can certainly improve your employees’ or individual productivity and manage overall management-related operations. Highly accoutre with specifications of user and time management, attendance management, productivity analysis. EmpMonitor is a must element in your hybrid workplace policy.

Let us understand how to access EmpMonitor generated productivity report more simply;

Visit the link and log in with your respective credential to get access to the EmpMonitor dashboard. Dashboard welcomes you with the headings of Total Enrollments, currently active, currently idle, currently offline, absent, and suspended. 

hybrid office

At the down click, there is an activity breakdown with the respective activity sorted in the Today column, yesterday, and this week. On the right side, there is an option that you can opt for for better analysis. Dashboard, Employee, Timesheets, Time claim, Projects, Reports, Settings, and Behavior.


To access the productivity-related reports, click on the report option. Under the report section there will be options like ;

  1. Report download 
  2. Productivity reports 
  3. Auto email reports 
  4. Web app usage 
  5. System activity logs.

After selecting the report section, you get to the graphical generated report based on the Productive, Unproductive, and Neutral hours.


With the divided selection;

All location – Enables you to select the preferred location accessing the reports.

Select department – Enables you to select the department you want to see the report.

Select employee Enable you to get access to individual employee’s productivity reports.

Calendar – Enable you to access the report from the selected date to a particular date.


EmpMonitor generates the managerial data in a few quick steps. Furthermore, it helps in brilliantly setting up the hybrid workplace. However, it is a monitoring software highly recommendable to maintain transparency with the employee about it and mentioned it well in the workplace policy. 

Counts on our upcoming subsection, which is how to craft intelligent hybrid workplace policy.

How to Craft Intelligent Hybrid Workplace Policy

It is vital to outline a fitted hybrid office policy to avoid unfortunate situations while remote working. By implementing the hybrid office policy, employers can guarantee that employees follow the guidelines and limitations.


Here are the few smart and winning points from which you can set a capable hybrid office policy ;

Specify to whom the policy is applicable-

As many had not worked remotely before, they had no experience in how to do it productively. Also, all employees are not fit to work remotely. Hence make it known which members of the company can work from home. Perhaps the newly joined employees require working in the office for the first 30 days to facilitate their onboarding. Make sure to add all the possibilities for a better working policy.

Outline the workplace strategy-

What apps should team members use to communicate with each other? Are there any desktop tools you have in your place that they can use to access?

All these factors remain non-negotiable as it is mandatory for better communication and security threats while being remote.

Overemphasis towards security and confidential data-

We are currently in the digital age, each passing day hackers work smarter to breach the security boundaries. Make sure you follow all the security guidelines and keep them intact. Ensure all the employees are aware of the security guidelines to avoid unfortunate collisions.

Invest in the right tools and technology-

Investing in the right tools can help your hybrid working in a better mode. Technology equipped to smoothen your employee’s task while on remote working are;

  • Device authentication
  • Tools for better project management
  • For team monitoring and management
  • Secure the data 
  • For team and project management 
  • BYOD security and remote access.

Earlier, we have mentioned EmpMonitor is qualified in all the above terms while maintaining productivity and detecting insider threats. Its functionality browses history for tracking, deputizing your peers, and remarking the top applications used by your employees.

While being on remote working, it remains the perfect choice equipped with the keystrokes recorder, insights for user logs, analysis of productive and non-productive hours of an employee, which makes the management analyze better graphs.

While the hybrid model may sound cheery on the cake for many business corporations, offering flexibility and implementing doesn’t always come with fruitful advantages.

Advantages and Challenges of Hybrid Office Routines

hybrid-officeTactfully advantages and challenges always depend on whose perspective you consider, so here are both side facts are;

Challenges, from the employee side ;

Lack of basic routine –

It’s been difficult for any employee to adjust the timing when it changes again and again.  

Limitations in Socialize-

Going to work every day cheer up to socialize, brainstorm and collaborate.

Admittance problems-

Working from home isn’t as in the loop as compared to the office workers.

Now, challenges from the employer’s perspective are ;

Cybersecurity issues

 While in remote working cyber threats remain on the rise. Deploying the insider threat detection system can decrease the risk level.

Team management

When team members are widely scattered and have to reach through the screen, managing them can be daunting.

Communication loops

At the administrative level, it is essential to approach staff, and conducting meetings is priceless at any time while remote working.

Advantages Of Hybrid Office 

According to the researchers, the advantages of hybrid office overweigh the negatives for both sides:

Safe of infection-

In the top priority, hybrid workplace models introduction means to keep the employee safe and to prevent the spreading of the deadly virus. As a business, you need to make sure of the safety and health of the employee.

Increase in productivity

As in the comfort zone, employees tend to have more productivity as compared to the office. Employers can expect a better level of productivity and efficiency.

Lower down the stress-

Statistics show that the people who work from home at least once a month are less stressed and satisfied.

Reduction in employee turnover-

Companies that offer flexible work arrangements see a 25% lower employee turnover.

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The Hybrid Office Routines Remains At The Preference

The hybrid office is becoming the new norm, even post COVID. However, stay on the precaution side when setting up your hybrid workplace. Prioritize the management and employee communication to enhance the efficiency of the workplace. Hybrid Office remains at the peak of the preference for both management and employee.

Without a single doubt, the pandemic has initiated major sections about how work gets done. You can use the technique we’ve covered here. You will be able to improve employee satisfaction while maintaining the productivity level in the workplace.