The winter sale offers a rare opportunity for small businesses for employee management and to woo their target buyers as people head out to conquer the historic shopping holiday season. Usually holiday shopping hits more than a trillion dollars by the end of the year – thanks to the decreasing unemployment rate and rising incomes.

Ensure that your organisation makes the most of this season by arranging where you can prepare in advance, even though there is not much time left. For small businesses that lay out their game plan ahead of Black Friday & Cyber Monday improving marketing campaigns, ensuring that the website is prepared and keeping your finances in order are three crucial strategies.

Mobile Is The Clear Winner


Consider yourself as a consumer and give a try shopping for different things from your site using all the available devices, like mobile phones, laptop, desktop, etc. According to different surveys, more than 50% of traffic came from mobile phones. Therefore, it’s not acceptable to lose high-end sales just because of bad formatting. 

Thus, consider using a mobile-based theme. Share mouth to mouth referrals to your friends – family and ask them to review and give their honest feedback on your site. If you need a fast fix, try implementing it then and there. If it’s taking longer than a couple of hours, park it until after the holiday rush.

Are you looking for feedback from strangers? Share your web link or services across different social media platforms and try to target the right audience. It helps in making more fans in the market, beta testing and real-time reviews. 

Test Your Sites

If this is your first time preparing for this holiday season, you must test your website and store to ensure you can handle increased traffic. One of the worst things that could happen to your store during the sale is your website crashing due to the surge in traffic, which could result in lower sales and increased customer frustration. 

Test your website once you go live with the discount updates. Look for any potential bug or glitch. Check every single feature, click on all the icons, links, make sure that they redirect to the right page. Specifically double-check the home page and checkout page. These two are responsible for the maximum conversions. 

Grab Customer Attention


In order to research your target audience, it is important to know about your targeted audience, and recognise marketing strategies. Give your clients a heads up to let them know about the offers that are coming up if you have an email list full of loyal customers. You can also use free resources, such as social media, to inspire customers before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas to come to your stores or host giveaways. 

The effectiveness of the SALE promotion is no longer measured by in-store offers, nor is it determined solely by sales on the offer day itself. In anticipation of these offer days, most retailers now begin their promotions and sales well and continue them long after. For instance, major players such as PowerAdSpy, Bath and Beyond build promotions marketed as deals for Pre-Black Friday, Sneak Peeks and Previews for Black Friday, & Cyber Monday, Christmas, Year End Sale, etc. 

Guide Employees

Would you like to make your staff feel even more proficient in their work, and also provide your retail clients with a better shopping experience? To help the team become gift-giving consultants for clients who are worried about finding the right holiday presents, consider doing extra training. Managers can also implement different employee management strategies, try using different employee productivity management software, like EmpMonitor


EmpMonitor helps in tracking the employee’s daily work practices, and overall productivity of each employee in the company. It not only helps managers to keep a track of everything but also helps employees in managing their daily work and boost up their skills. Some of the special EmpMonitor features, that helps in managing your business this holiday season includes – 

Attendance Management  – 

Attendance management helps in maintaining the correct log-in and log-out data of employees. As attendance management is required not only to better bill customers, but also to decrease the time spent on administrative and attendance management activities by HR managers and finance officers.

Screenshot Monitoring –

A smart way for employee management is to keep an eye on every single operation of your employee, gain the detailed overview of the time and money your team spends on each task with screenshots randomly at specified intervals of time and therefore help you keep the data of your organisation safe and secure.

Top Apps & Websites Used –

At a glance, you can even look up the applications that your workers have used in the past 180 days and obtain feedback from the top 10 apps used in real time. It helps in keeping a check of the sites which are inside or outside your firewall.

Motivate Employees with Gifts and Speeches 


Nothing motivates a person like a killer speech or words of wisdom. To train workers for the holiday season, you do not need to stand on a conveyor belt, but you do need to inspire the staff to be ready for the day. Go for a speech of inspiration that incites excitement and a feeling of positivity. Employers can show them a detailed analysis of their productivity ratio using different productivity tracker software. It will help employees also to analyse their workplace practices, work as per the requirement, and gain more than expected. 

Optimize Your Email Chain 

The minimum cart rate for holiday shoppers was around 50%, in previous years and that rate fluctuates based on what channels your customers are shopping for. Creating abandoned cart emails to remind consumers of the products they have not yet purchased to avoid such a high desertion rate. You should also make sure that your website is friendly for mobile and tablet devices.

On mobile devices, customise your website so that it is completely functional and responsive. To determine what works and what needs to be changed before the holiday shopping begins, speak to your web designer and gain input from customers. You guarantee that your customers can reach your store with a powerful mobile presence, no matter where they might be.

Back-Up All The Required Data


Make sure you have backups ranging from site code to product photos and everything. Just once a year does the holiday season arrive. Hence, I am sure you don’t want to miss the sales, just because your site went down. Therefore, getting a back-up for your web is like having long-term insurance. Your back-up will get it up and running in no time if it goes down for any reason. 

Use Social Media 

In today’s tech-savvy world, social media is a great boon. Always consider, when you run Facebook ads, the more engagement your Facebook ads get, better the ads will reach their potential audience.  Therefore you’ll want to create really engaging and shareable Facebook campaigns. Bear in mind that you don’t just want to get your commercial in front of your eyeballs, you want your target market to get those commercials out.

To up your holiday sales, also check – 



The pandemic has completely changed the dynamics of business in 2020, losing the workplace luster and employee productivity. Therefore to keep your business sales up with this paradigm shift, give a try to the above mentioned strategies this holiday season. Engage with your customers quickly across all social channels in order to stay on top of the competition. 

Looking to take on the holiday shopping rush? Do share your views and queries in the comments below, I am here for you at every step of your growth journey. 

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