By the term employee engagement, I mean how happy the employees are in the workplace. Is there any inconvenience factor that is making your employees unsatisfied? To learn about such things, you need to do an employee engagement survey.

If your employees are working being happy, then you can aspect better productivity in your organization. 

Yes! It’s quite closely related. 

However, during such surveys, you need to make sure about the transparency factor also. Fortunately, there are some online tools available that can help you to measure up the employees’ engagement in your workplace.

Looking for the best employee engagement survey tool, here are a few key things you need to consider:

What’s The Size of the Workforce:-

Before starting your survey, you need to check the overall demographics and volume of your employees. The price of using an employee engagement survey tool can vary based on the size of your workforce.


With a massive number of employees, it won’t be easier for you to manage a survey by yourself only. In such a case, you need to employ a service that can give you multiple access while you can also share access with your management team. That way, you can analyze the survey reports on the different levels to make the whole process much simpler for you.

Why You Need An Employee Engagement Tool?

Make things simpler for your employees! There are times when employees might be facing issues in their work. You can rely on employee monitoring software like Empmonitor, which can identify those things that are happening great for your organization. And it will also help you to find the problems that employees are facing in the workplace.


Employee Engagement Survey

In a report (By George LaRoque), most of the mid-marketers are looking for the tech that can empower management in their organizations. It shows the importance of having good workplace management software. As it can help you to enhance the leadership qualities in your management. That way, you can search for the issues that are disturbing productivity in your organization. Fixing those issues can also help you to enhance the employee and employer relationship.

Is There Any Hindrance To Transparency?

Do you have any reason using an employee management tool? You might have some like you want to enhance productivity and engagement in your workplace. But now a question arises, the tool that you are using is fulfilling your goals or not. Is there any chance of a hindrance that can lead to the failure of the survey?


In the meantime, you need an employee engagement tool that can provide you uninterrupted transparency with your employees. In my perspective, Empmonitor can be a perfect option. It has all the features which you can utilize to gauge employee engagement in your workplace. That way, you can also learn about the obstacles that are causing problems in your workplace.

Is It Secure?

When you are using the software as a service for your workplace, you need to make sure that it should be secure enough. By using the employee engagement tool, you can access the productivity and engagement reports of your employees. Such information can also have some confidential data. For that, you need a secured system that can avoid any breaching issues.

In Empmonitor, you have a system in which you can anonymously check the employees’ engagement. And the recorded data will be secured in its cloud storage. So you do not need to be worried about any data leakage issues.


How to keep your data secure using Empmonitor?

Aren’t you sure about the security of data in your organization? Then you need a tool like Empmonitor, which can remotely track the activities in your workplace and keep your work data secure.

Want to start with Empmonitor, here are the steps.

  • Go to your browser and open the Empmonitor dashboard URL.
  • Now you need to open your dashboard page with your registered email and password. If you want your computer to remember your creds, then you can check the “Remember me” box.


  • After login, go to the security option. There you have two options- Firewall and Desktop Control.


  • In the Firewall option, you have two more options – You can add new rules for your firewall setting. In the second option, you can manage the domain and categories which you want to restrict.


  • Now, if you go to the desktop control, you will find the names, workplace location, and department of all your employees.
  • Based on the locations, roles, and departments, you can filter out the employees. From there, you can take direct actions to control your employees’ computers.


  • All the information is accessible by you only, with your secret login id and password.

To learn more about this amazing software, please check this video.

What’s The Result?

We know that workforce engagement insight can help you to enhance the productivity in your organization. But you also need to understand that employee engagement is closely related to the performance culture in the workplace. It means that improving workplace engagement can also help you to enhance productivity in your organization.

In such a case, you also need to consider production as your main factor. Tools like Empmonitor won’t only help you to check employee engagement, but it’ll also let you track the production from each and every employee.

Wrapping Things Up:

In the end, I would just say that employee engagement has a direct effect on productivity. Your employees need to believe that the growth of the company is directly proportional to their development. If the workplace engagement isn’t giving you the results you wanted, then you might be lacking something. And to find what’s lacking, you can employ the best employee engagement survey tool.

Hope you find this article interesting. If you have something more to add on, you are welcome to write in the comment section.