Employee control is a method of managing, monitoring, and controlling the employees in an organization. It is one of the most significant aspects to guide the employees in an organization to maintain their productivity.

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The employee control also helps the higher authorities to keep a check on the activities of the employees. They can have a record of the time and expenses of the projects.

Why Implement Employee Control In an Organization?


Employee control is necessary for an organization as it is a method of setting some guidelines, protocols, and procedures that all the employees in the organization have to follow.

It helps to check out for some deviations in work. It also assists in listing out the employees that are lagging in their work. Hence the higher authorities can take some corrective measures to make them more productive.

The companies have to make sure that everything goes according to the rules and guidelines framed by them.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of controlling the employees in an organization.


As we have already discussed in the blog, employee control has got a lot of benefits. The most beneficial aspect is it helps in increased efficiency and productivity.

The guidelines will help the employees have a better understanding and communication with the senior employees. Hence there will be less chance of miscommunication. So the information can get delivered to the employees effectively, and they can accomplish their work on time.

It also helps in achieving the long term goals of the organization. It is possible if the employees maintain a proper procedure while working.

Again the employees will be more sincere towards their work if employers keep an eye on each activity.


Keeping aside all the advantages, as we have discussed, some employee control tools are highly expensive, which is a significant drawback.

The organization has to bear extra expenses if they wish to control their employees. Hence the small scale industries will have an issue incorporating employee control culture in their system.

08 Tips To Easily Control Employees In an Organization


Here is a list of tips that employers should implement in their organizations. It will help the employers in better control of their employees.

1. Listen

The higher authority stops paying recognition to them to an employee if he/she is repeating the mistakes over and over again. Generally, the employers feel irritated if employees do not understand the job precisely even after several sessions.

But if the employers wish to manage their employees, they need to pay more attention to them rather than neglecting them. They need to understand what issues the employees are facing while working.

It is high time the employers should resolve these issues. Hence the employee can understand the assignment and work accordingly and efficiently.

2. Feedback

An employer should be the one who does not complain about underperforming employees. In fact, the employer should provide a better solution if the employee faces any issues.

It is because providing feedback will help the employee grow his/her performance. The employers should first listen to the employees and then provide them with feedback regarding their work.

Employers will be able to control the employees by providing them with regular feedback. Hence the employees also can analyze their performance.

3. Document

The employers have to keep proper documents or records if the employees are facing issues again and again.

So if they plan to terminate an employee, they must have proper evidence to prove that the employee is not efficient enough to stay in that company.

The records should get maintained properly so the employee can check out themselves the fields in which the employee is lagging. Hence he/she can return to the proper track after receiving feedback.

4. Consequences

Even after trying out the approaches such as listening to the employees and providing regular feedback, if the employee still continues the same, then he/she has to face the consequences.

The employers are there to guide the employees through their tough times, but it is not always possible for the employers to pay attention only to a particular employee.

The job of the employers is to watch out for the whole team. Hence the employees have to take the utmost care of the projects assigned to them. So if an employee does not improve after repetitive warnings, then they have to face the consequences.

5. Consistent

Employers have to be very particular when they are communicating with their employees. If there is some deadline set by which the employees have to accomplish their task, then the employers must be strict about it.

If the employer sometimes forgives the employees for not completing the tasks on time. Then it might become a habit of the employees to delay their work.

Hence employers have to be very strict while assigning tasks to the employees and providing them with precise deadlines. So the employees will complete the assignments on time.

6. Process

The employers have to maintain a process and set some guidelines. It is not only the responsibility of the employers to take care of the performance of the employees. The employees should also assess themselves to check if they are working accurately.

The employers will provide feedback and guide the employees, but they have to make it work for themselves. Hence if the employers maintain proper procedures, then it will be easier for them. Again it will be helpful for the employees to check if they are working accordingly.

7. Self-talk

Employers must not make any conclusion on their own. If the organization has set some guidelines, then there are higher authorities to deliver the final decision.

Hence the employers should not make a conclusion which at times might become a drawback. The employer thinks that a particular employee is not capable of completing the assignments on time. Even if the employee does so, then also they might not get satisfied with their work.

8. Courageous

The employers have to be brave enough to terminate an employee if he/she does not work according to the guidelines.

It is a difficult task to terminate an employee, but employers have to do it. They also have to take care of productivity and achieve the long term goals of the company.

EmpMonitor is one of the best tools to monitor and manage employees in an organization. It is a tool that will help you monitor every activity of the employees.


It has features of screenshot monitoring and keystroke logging. It helps in monitoring the screen of the employee as well as the keyboard. Hence the employers have a precise record of the activities of an employee.

It also comes with a cloud-based storage system, so the employers do not have to worry about data loss. All the data remains safe in the cloud.

How To Lawfully Control Employees In an Organization?


The employers must be thinking, is it legal to monitor an employee during the working hours. The answer is Yes. The employees are getting paid to perform efficiently during working hours.

It is a significant disadvantage for the organization if the employees indulge in different activities other than working.

1. Internet usage monitoring

The employers have the right to monitor the internet usage of the employees during working hours. Employers have to keep track of the employee is working or spending time scrolling their social media.

We are aware that in some companies, social media platforms or any other entertainment platforms get banned. But for other companies, employers must keep checking their employees.

If the employee surfs any entertainment site during working hours, the organization holds full rights to take necessary actions. But the employers do not have the right to peep into the personal accounts of the employee.

2. Computer usage monitoring

Employers should also keep track of the computer usage of the employees. If the employee has the device connected but is not working on it, it is a principal issue.

Employers should monitor the screen and keyboard on the employees. It will help them know if the employee was performing throughout the working hours or not.

The EmpMonitor tool is a cost-effective employee monitoring software that will help in monitoring the internet and computer usage of the employees.

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To wrap it up

Employee control is a necessary aspect. It is for employers who are looking forward to achieving the long-term goals of the company. If the employees follow the proper guideline and work accordingly, they can be highly efficient and productive.

I hope the article helped you know more about employee control. Is there something that we can include? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!

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