Author: shristi sahu

Working Overtime: How To Know It Is Working For You? (2022 Update)

As a 9 to 5 employee, how many times did you find yourself working overtime? Well, the answer is pretty simple. A LOT!  Am I correct? Got stuck with the overtime work schedule in your workplace? Then do give a read to this article. We will uncover some of the reasons when working overtime is worth it and when it is not. In addition to this, we will discuss the financial aspects of overtime work and laws concerning it.  So what are we waiting for? Let us begin the surge of overtime work in the present world.  Know Why...

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How To Identify Best PC Monitoring Tools (Paid & Free) | 2021 Update

Monitoring technologies are thriving all over the world since early 2020. Well yes! Pandemic has accelerated things a bit, but PC monitoring tools have always been an essential part of our technological space.  It is total bliss to know the peaks of computer threats and eliminate them before it even causes damage! From monitoring their own computer to monitoring the activities of employees on their user screen, monitoring software has predicted and prevented potential threats. Nowadays, no matter if your employee is working remotely or on-site, you can not ignore monitoring and managing their activities.  Many PC monitoring software,...

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