Productivity vs Efficiency : 05 Tactics To Boost & Balance It

Productivity vs efficiency is the most puzzling circumstance for any organization as there are a lot of dilemmas. Although, they are unitedly interrelated. Gaping how? Increasing productivity will tamper with efficiency while improving efficiency affects the time taken to do the tasks. Although the perplexing question is how to distinguish the terms from each other?  And we understand that the above-stated statement is unclear too, and we try to explain it in our best way. So productivity vs efficiency terms are somehow interlinked. Efficiency is the quality of work done, while productivity is the quantity of the work. Let...

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How to be Productive While Working Remotely ?

The world witnessed the complete shutdown when COVID -19 came into existence, deserted roads and shopping complexes, and unfortunate news started showcasing in newspapers and televisions. It causes the economy to crash down completely. That is why numerous companies are mandating or implementing remote working to employees until the virus lags. And one of the haunting questions everyone came across is how to be productive, despite these challenging circumstances? Employees fantasize about remote working as it provides the comfort zones of their own homes, benefitting staying close to their loved ones. However, the remote working is a double-sided carved...

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How Workplace Bullying Invites Legal Complexities For Organizations?

Once in a while, every employee has suffered workplace bullying or harassment, producing an extensive level of demotivation and self-question. Unfortunately, it is not merely a childhood dilemma but in adulthood too. According to some studies, bullying is the reason behind someone’s mental problems, suicidal acts, and emotional stress encompassing the globe. Technically bullying in the workplace is defined as an abuse of power. It can be humiliating, intimidating, and degrading employee behavior and often creates a sense of helplessness in the target one.  Bullying is different from aggression. Aggression may mean an individual act. Whereas bullying involves repeated...

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Time Wasters : How to Tackle and Manage Time Wasters In The Workplace

Currently, we are living in the middle of a pandemic and trying to acclimate to work from home. However, we all endure struggles to keep our productive momentum going and keep the distractions of our comfort zones at bay.  The worst part of the time is it keeps ticking whether you notice it or not. And time is money that’s why time wasters has been a constant matter of concern for the organization. It does not matter if employees are working from home or operating in offices.  We are not here to offer you the productivity experts to analyze...

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Time Management Activities: How It Can Improve Your Employee’s Productivity?

Is it the right time when organizations should focus on time management activities apart from just professional projects? In the current coronavirus crisis, 53% of the companies, brands, and workplaces are adopting the work-from-home culture. However, as soon as you move to remote work managing your time and productivity becomes your liability. Some surveys state that remote working employees suffer numerous challenges balancing the professional and personal life. To ease the challenges, management has been taking measures as these loads impact their productivity level.  However, time management activities are the creative initiative taken by the management to reconnect the...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

Our free cloud-based monitoring solution analyzes user activities across both remote and conventional teams.

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  • Track employee internet usage across your departments.

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