Author: Princy Kaur

Why Is Cloud Monitoring Significant For Your Business?

The corporate world is struggling with data security concerns not only from the pandemic but way back. The business and corporate world are always on the radar of breaches, data loss, and many security-related issues.  These breaches and security concerns have become the dominant concern, while cloud monitoring solutions have become part of the infrastructure.  The cloud provides the business with unparalleled advantages and agility.  According to research, companies and corporations expect to spend about 27% more on cloud services in 2019 and chances of getting it hype. To cope with the modern business’s needs and appetites cloud monitoring...

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Is Cloud-Based Timecard Software Efficient For The Growth of Businesses?

A timecard, in technical terms, is the method of recording and tracking the quantity of productive time employed on each job. According to the extra definition, it is a report or presentation to track and record productive hours of the work done in a week or on a particular project.  Organizations are more keenly attracted to accurate time measurements manifesting the most integral part of it. Whether a large organization or small business, everyone desires to evaluate how productive and non-productive hours are invested. Time clocks are estimated to be full of human errors and miscalculations. Streamlining smooth processing...

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How Toxic Work Environment Can Be Hazardous for Both Employer & Employee?

The working environment of any organization or business has a crucial influence on the employees and productivity levels. Because if your employees are not satisfied, they will not give their best. Nowadays, we are ever-growing more and more into the toxic work environment of people experiencing burnout. We have to stop and take a deep hard look at the environment in which we operate. Pay no attention to toxic words. What people say is often a reflection of themselves, not you. – Christian Baloga. Human resource administrators can recognize and petition toxic situations that can cause harm to an...

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How to Effectively Create a Positive Work Culture in Organizations ?

Some factors determine the success and capability of the business, and one of those factors is the salutary work culture. Work culture portrays the internal ecosystem of the employees and how they are associated with each other. It’s a proverb business with a certified and salubrious work culture progressing at pace.  A healthy work culture nurtures talents, creative aspects, better germination, intercommunications, time management, and ethics. Nonetheless, it does sound easy-breezy. In contrast, it is full of obstacles and challenges which oblige continual monitoring, alertness, and infinite sorting attempts.  A toxic work culture can be devastating for the employees...

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How Cyber Threats Can Cripple & Desecrate Your Businesses ?

Since the beginning, cyber threats and insider attacks have been the most concerning subjects for businesses and organizations. Because breaching of the most classified and vital data or information perpetually can slaughter their whole existence.  No wonder the concern spiked up when the news came that Google got whacked. However, Google recently clarified that the breakdown was due to a critical system running out of storage. Numerous users are still in a state of terror regarding their data. Cyber attacks and breaches are constantly a predominant factor for cybersecurity.  Do you remember that in  2012, NASA got hacked! Yes,...

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