Author: Partho Ghosh

Time Theft Awareness for Workplaces in 2022

We are all aware of the fact that time is money. If you bring time theft into that equation, it is a pretty big problem for organizations, and they should keep it in check for the longevity of their future. Let us look deeper into what time theft is and how it affects our professional work environment. When you think of theft, you immediately think of robbers who sneak around the house or take tourists away. But for many businesses, time theft is the most reprimandable type of theft. According to a recent Forbes article, the average worker steals...

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Why You Must Have Time Management Skills in 2022

As we grow up and learn the concept of time and money, possessing time management skills is equally important as money management skills in today’s world. We find ourselves saying, “I wish I had more than 24 hours.” and well, as much as that is impossible, it is still possible to carve out some time for yourself while getting the most of it. Let us learn how! Time management skills differentiate human beings from the Elon Musks, Mark Zuckerbergs, and the Jeff Bezos of the world. Once we grab hold of our time and efficiently use it, every task...

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Workforce Analytics in 2022

With the development in the corporate world, workforce analytics has seen some changes and is maturing and developing at a faster rate than ever. Let us see how far it has come through all these years and learn extensively about it. What is Workforce Analytics? Workforce analytics is a technique used to measure and analyze the actions of employees to enhance their performance. It is achievable by evaluating data from individuals with statistical methods and software to make improved decisions by employees. The practice assesses the influence of employee behavior and other relevant aspects on overall business success.

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Data Theft: A Virtual Epidemic Without A Positive Cure?

Victims of data theft are everywhere. Anyone in the world who has a social media presence is prone to this phenomenon. When we sign up for a service or an account on a social media platform, we provide our data to these platforms free of cost. This data is then used for several purposes. Everything from getting targeted ads to getting suggestions on restaurants and other places to eat while you are scrolling online is because of our data that we give up to these platforms. For corporates, data theft holds much significance. The data stored in their database,...

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Work Time Vitality: Productivity In Check?

Time is money, as is widely said in the work-business industry, holds the most honesty in any statement made by man. Work time of the employees is a resource very precious to any organization, no matter its motive. The time taken for an employee to do a task the longer way costs more money and time for the organization and is money wasted. It is the exact reason why work time management is necessary for an organization. It is required to ensure the optimum utilization of the resources available to the organization. To monitor this utilization and apply any...

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