Are You Following Employee Monitoring Ethics or Bugging Your Staff? 

It has become a common understanding for people that if they work from home, their employers are most probably going to monitor their activities during their working hours. While a majority of the employers are aware of their rights to monitor their staff, one must also learn to keep the legal and ethical considerations in mind.  Though the process has only got positive results, the monitoring tools may have negative impacts on your organization as well. We don’t, yet, live in a machine-driven world, and your employees are your most important assets. They do have opinions, feelings, and attitudes...

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Insider Threat Management: 05 How-Tos for Distant Workplaces 

It’s been a long, long time since we all started to commence work directly from our homes, and it doesn’t seem to be ceasing any soon. As the experts suggest, telecommuting is going to be the next normal- making it a mandatory step for all the companies to double-check their security measures.  It is no brainer why employers are worried about letting their staff handle their company data outside the premises. But, here’s a thing- with a few months in hand, the employees did learn how to stay safe from the potential online threats- malware, viruses, hackers, etc. What’s...

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How Workplace Flexibility Affects Employee Productivity Over Time

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you work, it’s just not enough?  Who am I kidding? You might be feeling it RIGHT NOW while you’re reading this article. Despite the working hours getting longer in our quarantined WFH routine, the days seem shorter now. What does workplace flexibility have to do with all this? Let us understand why and how does it happen in the first place.  If you’re like me, you probably try starting your day with all the morning energy and freshness, despite being sleep deprived. Instead of diving right into the pending tasks,...

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05 Best Ways to Meet Deadlines When you’re not a Morning Person 

When was the last time you wished you started on that piece of work just an hour ago? Procrastination is an inherent habit that seems to amplify when not being able to wake up early in the morning.  Read any piece of advice for productivity, and you’ll come across incorporating this one habit: be a morning person. As the advice goes, such people have all the time on the earth to exercise, meditate, have a balanced diet, visit the moon and back, and whatnot.  While it may seem like those morning birdies are able to meet deadlines quicker (along...

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WFH Update: How Remote Work Culture Affects Sensitive Sectors

If you recall the end of 2019, you would remember how we all shrugged at the thought of a sudden pandemic outspread all over the world. But COVID-19 did knock on everyone’s door- sooner than we could have expected.  Almost all the organizations, thus, resorted to adopting the remote work culture, but it came with a heavy lift for a majority of us. WFH did sound pretty luxurious in the beginning, but we all know the truth now. Various factors and regulations have made this sudden shift very complicated for some sectors as compared to the others.  Remote work...

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