How Work Environment and Employee Management Will Look Like After Coronavirus Crisis 

There hasn’t been a single decade when we did not witness a significant transformation in the work environment and employee management strategies in the corporate world. But the year 2020 had something very drastic for us in store. Nobody saw the Coronavirus pandemic coming, and of course, a majority of the employees panicked in the beginning.  But here we are today, quarantined into our homes for weeks, staring at our screen, parallelly doing our laundry. Basically, the sudden lockdown had little to no impact on our adaptability but had an enormous influence on our lifestyle.  With Coronavirus hitting its...

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Remote Workforce Management Reshaped By Coronavirus; A Step Closer To The Future

The strategies of workforce management have evolved over the years, and there’s no going back. I mean, who knew we would be allowed to start working from our beds?  The year 2020 surprised us with an unexpected wave of panic. Coronavirus started spreading like wildfire, pushing everyone inside closed doors. But, but but.. this didn’t stop us from working. Employers let their employees take their systems to their homes and start telecommuting. (Clever, indeed)  With the expansion of job opportunities and the commencement of remote work, we recently witnessed a transformation in the operative procedures by businesses and corporations...

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Employee Privacy vs. Employee Productivity: How Employee Monitoring Software Keeps A Balance? 

Employee productivity is a real deal in any workplace, especially during this Corona crisis, with all of us working remotely. Well, I know that remote work might not sound that tricky. It’s not like we are working from Mars, but the pandemic is spreading like wildfire, and we all know this lockdown is not going to cease any soon (Duh!).  Hit the Play Button To Listen To The Podcast   As a result, it has become very crucial for employers to make sure they get as much output from the home office as they did from the office...

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Tips To Manage Your (New) Remote Employees

Remote employees used to be a term vaguely defining field workers and telecommuters. But it is, now, a term used to define every single person commencing their work from their bedroomsa this quarantine. We all know the reason behind this unimaginable transformation of the world around us- the novel Coronavirus. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, a majority of the countries have resorted to LOCKING everything and everyone up for the next few weeks, and there’s no point in complaining about it. Nevertheless, employers have found a solution to it by letting their employees work from their homes. But...

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WFH in 2020: 03 Tips To Avoid Telecommuting Burnout

Work from home, commonly termed as WFH, was a luxury until about three months back. But we all know how Coronavirus pandemic made it a necessity by pushing us all inside our homes. This transition did seem very seamless at first, with everyone working at the comfort of their rooms, but soon turned out to be a mess. Telecommuting, despite being more productive than the office work, is pretty exhausting and risky. The risk is evident. When telecommuting, the fine line between your work and personal life starts to fade away. The employees commencing WFH for the first time,...

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