What Is Time Theft (and How To Put A Full Stop To It) 

There’s more than pens and paper that employees steal from their workplace. Time theft is an expensive issue- and it can cost you around $100 billion every year.  By clocking in a little late, working a little less, taking a little longer break, and drifting off the work a little bit every day- your employees may pile up work over a year. Needless to say, a flexible routine and deadlines do speed up the process- but are your employees actually working to their full potential?  You cannot avoid time theft unless you understand the gruesome impact of it. Think...

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Identify and Resolve Workplace Conflict With these 05 Steps! 

What springs to your mind when you read the term- workplace conflict? Is it an employee storming out of a room, yelling at his colleague? Well, in reality, it is quite the opposite of any such scenario! Most unhealthy relationships simmer underneath- with people exchanging cold glances and unwilling to cooperate with each other in the same task.  And, as you might already decipher, workplace conflicts always lead to an awful decline in a team’s productivity, communication, morale, and ultimately, overall harmony.  Don’t get me wrong, but conflicts can sometimes be healthy when the employees don’t take it personally....

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05 Scientifically Proven Methods To Increase Productivity

The way we all work isn’t technically working anymore- whether it is from a distance or from the office premises. A primary concern among all the managers is to increase productivity, and it is no brainer why.  Logging into the day while still chugging coffee on the bed and checking emails while having breakfast is the new norm for telecommuters. And while it takes a toll on their physical health, it also has a drastic effect on the working schedule.  Not to forget the hour-long commutes that the employees have to deal with- who go to their offices every...

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Intercultural Communication: What are the Barriers and 09 Ways To Improve It 

The Quarantaniversary is here- it’s almost a year since the COVID-19 pandemic dawned upon us all. And we all witnessed a TREMENDOUS change in our workplaces.  Nevertheless, remote work surprisingly assisted globalization, anBd companies are hiring more people from abroad than ever. With people ready to telecommute, workplaces are getting more diverse. Sure, this scenario isn’t going to last same forever- but we can already witness a lot of challenges that follow remote work- intercultural communication being one of them.  It is no secret why communication tops the list of priorities that a company needs to inculcate among its...

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07 Most Important Management Skills No One Talks About 

You might be the best at your job. But if you lack management skills, you limit your work to what you can do alone. And that is so not the definition of a good leader.  Are you thinking of making a change? Stop considering management skills as a personality trait. Nobody is a born leader. And it’s never too late to polish your soft skills for the best. Your natural talents can never limit you- everything can be taught.  Years ago, we all underestimated the value of soft skills. Well, here are some things that we noticed:  88% of workplaces...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

Our free cloud-based monitoring solution analyzes user activities across both remote and conventional teams.

  • Measure & Evaluate Employee Productivity Levels.
  • Increase Workforce Effectiveness.
  • Extensive Reports & Detailed Employee Activity Logs.
  • Advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and risk analysis.
  • Intelligent machine learning and behavioral rules engine.
  • Real-time behavior anomaly and threat detection, privileged user monitoring, data loss prevention.
  • Track employee internet usage across your departments.

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