The Ultimate Bucket-List To Successfully Track Employee Internet Usage

Corporate industries all over the world, usually face a tough time in finding ways for employee internet monitoring, considering employees are wasting much time on using office internet for personal interactions.  According to the recent survey, most of the employees waste their productivity hours by using office internet for personal use. Therefore, those employees fetch all the bandwidth that slows down the official work. It causes a quick increase in costs. Hence, it is preferred to fix this concern at the earliest.  But, for those employers you are looking forward to some actionable tips to monitor employee internet usage,...

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09+ Creative Ways To Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged

In recent times, work from home has gained the same level of importance as the workplace environment. Or it’s more appropriate to say that remote working has gained a lot of popularity – as it does not require anything except accessibility to the internet connection and a laptop. Thus, most of the companies are planning to choose the WFH culture irrespective of their traditional work practices. As it helps them to improve their work-life balance and can tap into different job opportunities without depending upon the locations. Adapting this big growth of remote work presents tough challenges for traditional...

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What Are The Employer’s Benefits Of Employees Work From Home?

We are currently in the midst of the work from home revolution. Nowadays, most of the employees value work at home, telecommuting, and flexible work options, as it helps them provide a better work-life balance. According to the predictions, more than 30% of big tech companies are either hiring freelancers or remote workers who spend most of their time working. As work from home culture also helps employers to increase their business revenue.  But, here the question arises How?  Here, I have mentioned some of the benefits of employers to allow their employees to work from home.  Increase In...

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05 Unbelievable Ways You Can Manage Remote Employees Effectively

Choosing the right way is considered to be one of the essential parts of a leader’s job. Similarly when it comes to organizations, managers play a vital role in managing employee activities and more than 70% of employee engagement and their scores are strongly associated with productivity. But the managers of people working from home usually face various challenges, like they may barely see, and may rarely know the people working under them.  According to various surveys, increasing productivity among remote employees seems to be an extra time per week per person. Not only this, but remote employees are...

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Managing Remote Teams – 6 Tools To Help You!

The outbreak of Coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China, has spread to more than 65 countries all across the world, with more than 3,000 killed, and ailing more than 89,000 people. Public authorities have shut down borders and implemented quarantines, and organizations have enforced travel bans. There have been significant economic as well as human effects on the businesses. It is an epidemic alert signal for organizations to closely examine their current strategies, procedures, and policies for protecting staff, operations, and consumers now and in the future epidemic. Here are the top 5 questions employers need to consider in order...

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