Author: Kiran Patnaik

How Timekeeping App Helps You Stay Goal-oriented at Work

Have you ever come across a phase where you are just too overloaded at work to the point that you just can not focus on it? Don’t worry! You are not the only one who feels this way. People in today’s corporate environment are struggling with the same problem in droves. However, with the best timekeeping app, you can stay goal-oriented and more focused at work. Accomplishing a goal can be hard work, and that too with tons of distractions like social media, never-ending meetings, and the most important- your comfy bed.  Since the coronavirus has dumped us into...

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How To Cope Up With Workplace Violence And Prevent Them

Violence in the workplace is nothing new, but it is definitely not something to be proud of: While violence has literally taken a U-turn and has been on the rise for the past few years, it has affected so many employees and employers as well.  The thing is: a single case of violence is not only limited to the victim, but it has far-reaching consequences for the victim, as well as for the victim’s manager, co-workers, and employer. It is a burning issue that needs to be taken care of without avoiding it. Or else you know the outcome....

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Empower Your Management With Employee Productivity Metrics

A whole new perception of working in a corporate sector emerged, and thanks to that, organizations stayed afloat in the pandemic era. While we all wait for things to return to normal, it has become necessary to learn how to manage our employees remotely while maintaining efficiency, clarity, and productivity.  One of the most significant components of managing remote employees is determining their productivity. And employee productivity metrics provide us with a means of assessing the well-being of our company. It enables you to maximize the performance of the company by leveraging the individuals within the business. Furthermore, it...

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