Author: Kanchan Sharma

Top 10 Workforce Management Software 2022

Workforce Management Software ( sometimes called WFM software/ workforce management tools, sometimes called WFS) are modern-day digital tools created to support and manage the day-to-day operations of the workforce. For informed decisions on your staff, employers need to gain visibility on business metrics to forecast labor demands, create work schedules, paid time off (PTO), track employee’s activity, and manage the overall work operations. To combat these herculean demands, organizations are adopting workforce management platforms, specializing in attendance tracking,  employee scheduling, onboarding, leave management, benefits administration, call center optimization, HRIS, time tracking, and payroll, to name a few. Workforce management...

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User Behavior Analytics 2022

User behavior analytics (UBA or entity behavior analytics) technology focuses on what the user is doing (unlike firewalls & antiviruses) to search for patterns of usage that indicate anomalous behavior. UBA keeps a close watch on activities performed- from apps used to network activity and most critical files accessed, everything gets tracked regardless of whether the activities are coming from an insider, hacker, or even malware. Although UBA won’t prevent hackers from getting inside your system, it can surely minimize the damage and spot their activities. Hackers have become very good at appearing like ordinary users, and that’s where...

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Whys and Benefits of Employee Recognition for Businesses

Employee Recognition is a constructive response/ judgment built around a person’s contribution, not only for his work performance but also for the dedication and engagement regularly expressed formally or informally, collectively, privately or publicly, and monetarily or non-monetarily. This judgment is crucial to building trust between the employers & the employees at every stage of the employment to grow together in a healthy and respectful environment. When employees get recognition for their efforts and contributions, they develop a sense of association and ownership for the project and go that extra mile to achieve a better outcome. A simple act...

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