Author: Kanchan Sharma

16 Best Team Management Software 2022

The growing need for team collaboration strongly emphasizes the role of effective team management software in your organization to bring equilibrium among all the departments without wasting time. Teams built on camaraderie, understanding, and respect for each other are usually more productive, happy, and efficient.   A little discord among team members reflects in their daily workflow and the productivity of your team . Team management application divides the task and multiplies the productivity of your team by improving collaboration and communication. It is easier to plan workflows, task assignments, and team management when you have an efficient team management...

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Task Management Tools

Task management tools have made our lives easier, accountable, and more productive. No doubt, they are considered a Project manager’s best friend for providing a hassle-free work-life balance with better efficiency and fewer worries. Task management tools are  software pieces that aid project managers plan, organize, and execute their tasks efficiently.  Having a good task manager by your side can simplify your workflow, help teams meet their deadlines and increase the profitability for your organization. Modern task management apps come in a broad range with relevant software to quantify, substantiate, segregate and assign tasks proportionately. These tools come in...

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EmpMonitor- Rear View 2021

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come. And we are holding a rearview before switching gears for the unexplored adventures ahead. EmpMonitor stood firm in its commitment to provide the best employee monitoring software during WFH 2021 and continued upgrading it for the best user experience. We started the year by adding project management to ease up crucial tasks, facilitate effective work delegation, risk mitigation, remote team handling, and many more. In the face of adversity, we continually reinvent ourselves to provide the best software services for our consumers. And...

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Manage Time to Work Effectively this 2022

It’s difficult to control things with so many distractions around. To be your most productive self at work, manage your time to work effectively. If you spend your day in a frenzy of activity and still wonder why you have not accomplished your targets on time, then read on- Sharing below a few constructive time management tips to help you increase your productivity and maintain your calm. How to Manage Time at Work 1. Establish Routines and Stick to Them Understandably time management remains arduous given the current work scenario and hectic work schedules. You will be much more...

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10 Best Productivity Tools for Work from Home

Work from home(WFH) is a win-win for organizations as well as employees alike beyond post-pandemic as well. Even the most rigid organizations have adopted remote work and allowed employees to work online from home, considering the pandemic and the monetary benefits for the companies. More and more businesses are transitioning to remote work for smooth operations during the global pandemic, overcoming difficult situations like a disaster, or by choice to save massive amounts of money on cafeterias, travelling, electricity, and office furniture, etc. While working from home is a great benefit, it’s necessary to have the right software/ productivity...

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