How Can Companies Celebrate Diwali This Year Safely

Diwali is one of the greatest and most auspicious festivals in India. It is celebrated with huge enthusiasm all over India, and now even in other countries as well. Companies also celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm; they decorate the office premises and even host parties with some fun games.  Click Here To Listen To The Podcast: That being said, this year’s Diwali celebration is going to be a bit different because of the obvious and the most jarring reason – COVID19. Due to the ongoing pandemic, most of the organizations have shifted either to work from home or to a 50% workforce inside the office, which has made employee monitoring a lot tough and also resulted in adopting the trend to celebrate safe Diwali this year.  Therefore, I have put together a list of tips with the help of which you can celebrate Diwali along with your colleagues safely. Let’s get right to it then. 1. Virtual Diwali Virtual Diwali is trending huge this year as it minimizes the disease contraction as well population. You can take the help of video calling/meeting software available online and host a group meeting with your entire staff. You can also conduct some online games which are fun for the whole squad, like virtual damsharas, quizzes, etc.  To take this one step further, you can take the help of already in place employee...

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05 Best Remote Desktop Control Software of 2020

Remote Control Desktop software has come a long way since its launch. They are now more secure, and users can practically see everything that is going on in the other system.  Click Here To Listen To The Podcast: They are mainly used in companies or organizations where they have hundreds of systems that need to be constantly monitored to see if the employees’ are being productive or not. Apart from that, there are many uses of such software; you can use it for personal use and also to track how productive you have been in a day or week.  Let’s...

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Workforce Analytics: 05 Reasons Why Enhanced Visibility Helps Increase Your Remote Teams Productivity

For the last four months, we have been hearing a lot about employees working from home and how employers are monitoring their remote employees or teams. Managing remote employees or teams gets really tricky as you can’t see what is happening there in real-time. This situation becomes more difficult as employees are no longer in the office, and also due to communication becomes much more difficult.  Click Here To Listen To The Podcast – Managers or HRs need to see what their employees are doing and how they are doing. It can be done, with the help of a workforce...

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Pros & Cons Of Employee Monitoring Software: Does It Actually Work?

Employee monitoring tools have been widely used nowadays. Nearly all organizations worldwide have adopted this technology to keep track of their employees’ activities.  Click Here To Listen To The Podcast – However, few people think that such tools cause data breaches and degrade the employees’ morale. In this blog, I am going to list out the pros and cons of such tools, so that you can decide whether or not to use it in your workplace. But first, let’s talk about what is a monitoring tool? What is an employee monitoring tool? A monitoring tool is a tool that monitors...

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09 Things You Should Know About Employee Hours Tracker

An employee hour tracker has been used by every organization nowadays. Its popularity shot through the roof when the lockdown was implemented across the globe, and all companies started enforcing work from home. They had to find a solution to ensure 100% productivity, so they took the help of a tracker.  Click Here To Listen To The Podcast – Like any other software, people have lots of questions about this tool too. So, we have done the research and listed out the nine most asked questions to help you better understand the software. Let’s get started. 1. What is...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

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