Author: Atanu Sarkar

Importance Of Desktop Monitoring In 2022

Desktop computers have evolved into one of the most significant aspects of today’s workplaces. Employees have desktops that they typically use to perform their daily tasks, and no business can survive in today’s world without a proper desktop system. Desktops are used for various duties in an organization, ranging from storing critical data to ensuring a smooth flow of communication. By managing workflow, sharing information quickly, and securing business assets, desktops reduce an organization’s workload. However, you won’t be able to monitor or regulate your team’s performance if they are all working on their assigned computers. You’ll need desktop...

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Top 5 Productivity Tools On The Market Right Now

Every employer wishes their employees were more productive. However,  productivity does not occur by chance. It comes at the cost of hard work, careful planning, and consistent effort. Individual and group productivity is a widely discussed topic, with people sharing their daily schedules, morning routines, time blocking habits, and other details. Productivity tools are another factor that is assisting people in becoming more productive. As times have become more competitive, it makes sense to seek assistance from the market’s plethora of productivity tools. In this article, we’ll look at the vast world of productivity tools, how they can improve...

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6 Easiest And Most Effective Ways To Manage Projects

The most demanding task for a manager is to manage projects. There is a lot to handle whether you have years of experience or are embarking on your first project. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, the struggle has become even more difficult. More and more companies, entrepreneurs, and project managers prefer to work from home and are looking for effective ways to manage their remote teams. Project management with a remote team, on the other hand, is a difficult task that necessitates the use of specialized tools. You can use project management tools to manage projects and see how they...

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Toxic Productivity: How To Deal With It?

Productivity is critical, and it is a top priority for most of us today. But it’s also crucial that we don’t go above and beyond our responsibilities or even our capabilities. Toxic productivity is a new term for workaholism that is slightly more nuanced than the old one. Today, we’ll look at what toxic productivity is and how to deal with toxic productivity.  What Is Toxic Productivity? Toxic productivity is an unhealthy desire to be productive at all costs. It’s the desire to go the extra mile at work or home, even if it’s not required. Toxic productivity is...

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Workforce Management Solutions: Everything You Need To Know

As a business owner, you must always be on the lookout for new ways to boost employee productivity without sacrificing the quality of work. It can be made possible with the assistance of a well-thought-out and implemented workforce management plan. But first and foremost, what exactly is workforce management, and how workforce management software helps with growth? That is precisely what this article will cover, along with workforce management solutions. What Is Workforce Management?  Workforce management is closely related to the optimization of workers’ productivity. It is a process of assessing and improving the performance of your employees with...

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