Increase productivity| 07 Top Tips to Spend your Idle time doing something expedient.

Sometimes after working hours, we do not feel satisfied and complete in our work. We feel like we need more time to complete, says our inner us. But what is the reason behind this shortage of time? Are we not productive enough? No, it’s not about the productive hours. It’s about the idle time which we spend during the working hours. It’s not like we have to work like a machine without any break. But the time which we spend as idle time or break time can be utilized differently, trying to add that time in your product funnel....

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07 Reasons Why Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

The saying “There is little success where there is little laughter” is not a lie. Little happiness can create a lot of difference. When a person is happy, it ultimately reflects in his work and makes him more sincere towards his responsibilities. Yes, today will talk about why happy employees are productive employees. When we define productive, the only answer that comes to my mind is happy employees breed productive employees. The performance of your organization relies on the productivity of your employees. When the employees are happy, they work hard in a team to raise productivity. But if...

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Insider Threat Detection Software| Problems, Benefits, and Solutions

When there is a problem, there is a solution too. Right? Today in this blog, we will chew over an interesting topic that might take your reading flow into a world of your interests.  Have you ever heard about Insider Threat? If you ever worked in a company or an organization, you must have heard this term frequently. Here in this blog, we will discuss a few things like Insider Threat, or threat detection software, and many more things. Let us roll into the blog!   What is an insider threat? When any person becomes the root cause of...

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An in-depth guide to employee onboarding solutions for your organization

The work culture of all organizations is different from one another. So, it is the responsibility of the employers to introduce the working environment to the new employees. This process is called employee onboarding solutions. Few organizations take one day for this process, where a few take nearly 18 months to complete the onboarding process. This process starts immediately after the employees receive the offer letter.   The employee onboarding process should be efficient. Why? With this process, the employee has an interaction with the organization after completing a lengthy interview process. The decision of the employees to join...

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Safeguard your Intellectual Property With These 05 Application Monitoring Software

After a long time, I was checking the latest applications to use in my work process. Suddenly, some thoughts came into my mind that took the face of a blog that you are reading right now. For instance, let me know one thing before proceeding into the blog. Have you ever heard the term “monitoring”? What do you feel when someone speaks about tracking something? Is there any negative notion about this? If so, you will get clarified about the term monitoring that is not for one purpose. In this digital doorway, people use several applications. To make work...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

Our free cloud-based monitoring solution analyzes user activities across both remote and conventional teams.

  • Measure & Evaluate Employee Productivity Levels.
  • Increase Workforce Effectiveness.
  • Extensive Reports & Detailed Employee Activity Logs.
  • Advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and risk analysis.
  • Intelligent machine learning and behavioral rules engine.
  • Real-time behavior anomaly and threat detection, privileged user monitoring, data loss prevention.
  • Track employee internet usage across your departments.

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