03 Quick Tips To Measure Employee Productivity in 2021

How to measure employee productivity? It can be challenging for most companies who want to track the work of their employees to determine their performance. Don’t worry! In this article, you will get to know everything about employee productivity, why traditional measurement of employee productivity is flawed, few tips to measure employee productivity, and at last how you can keep your employees engaged. Let’s get started. What is productivity at the workplace? Productivity refers to the output which you have gained from the given input. We usually invest money, resources, and time to get good productivity. If we talk...

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04 Major Absenteeism Policy That Should Be Included In Your Company

Have you ever heard about the absenteeism policy of a company? If not, let us read out loud together to know about the absenteeism policy of remote employees in a company and what is included in it. The concept of remote work was not born overnight. It is the latest technology that has made this concept possible with a huge profit. Employees can work remotely without stepping outside which was the demand of the situation. But you need to set up a page of policy for your remote employees according to which they can take their leaves without any...

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HR Onboarding Software: 07 Steps For A Perfect Onboarding Process For New Hires

New joinee is a new responsibility! Isn’t it? When we hire employees, it is our responsibility to make them know about their work and responsibility along with making them comfortable with the working environment.  So, a well-built onboarding process is the best way to welcome your new employees. In short, through the onboarding process, you can provide enthusiasm and important information to your employees which will lead to joy, job satisfaction, and reserve your employees for the long-term.  Wondering how? Keep reading till the end!   What is an employee onboarding process? The employee onboarding process includes the required information,...

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The 2021 clear and complete guide to computer tracker software with 05 best features

Computer tracker is not a new concept. But it is on the trend after the outbreak of covid-19. Due to the pandemic situation, it is mostly used to track the work of remote employees of an organization.  Not only employees, but it can also be used to track any system you want to. Sounds interesting? Let’s go deep into the concept. What is a computer tracker software? A computer tracker is a software which when installed on your device tracks every activity performed on it. In the remote work concept, the only thing which is focused on is productivity....

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06 Remote Work Best Practices To Implement In 2021

Covid-19 vaccines are out! But the fear of getting infected with the coronavirus is not allowing us to step outside. It is a bitter truth that we all are tired of wearing masks, hand sanitization, home-cooked food, online classes, meetings, and seminars, etc. But we have to do this for the safety of ourselves as well as our family. In this article , we are going to talk about the employees who are working remotely due to this pandemic situation. Remote work is going mainstream in most of the industries nowadays. It is the smart way to keep employees...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

Our free cloud-based monitoring solution analyzes user activities across both remote and conventional teams.

  • Measure & Evaluate Employee Productivity Levels.
  • Increase Workforce Effectiveness.
  • Extensive Reports & Detailed Employee Activity Logs.
  • Advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and risk analysis.
  • Intelligent machine learning and behavioral rules engine.
  • Real-time behavior anomaly and threat detection, privileged user monitoring, data loss prevention.
  • Track employee internet usage across your departments.

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