Author: Akash Chandel

How Businesses Can Avoid Corporate Espionage?

What is Corporate Espionage? The expression “Espionage” frequently brings pictures of twofold agents and secretive covert missions to mind. This is the way Espionage is portrayed in the movies, yet, all things considered, it can take on numerous different structures. Businesses shouldn’t stress over James Bond keeping an eye on their organization, yet they ought to be worried about corporate espionage.  Corporate Espionage, regularly alluded to as Industrial Espionage, is the act of spying for financial and commercial gain. This kind of surveillance commonly includes one association keeping an eye on another to get data that could help their...

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Top 3 Employee Productivity Measurement Tools on The Market

What is Employee Productivity measurement tools? It is an innovation used to screen measurements that influence employee efficiency. It investigates employees’ conduct and monitors the specific activities that representatives complete during their functioning hours to see how useful workers are.  Reports created through this software can distinguish potential efficiency issues, track worker execution, and increment working environment usefulness.  The most noticeably terrible thing you can do as a pioneer is to continually look over your employees shoulders. You need to have the option to believe that your workers can inspire themselves and be useful without steady observation, however that...

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How EmpMonitor Enables Workflow Management?

As of late, the expression “workflow” has become a bit of a trendy expression in the business community and keeping in mind that most entrepreneurs can mentally comprehend why workflow is significant, it’s difficult to fold your cerebrum over it until you have seen it in real life. Organizations handle a lot of data and archives.  It would be a bad dream if they have to do them physically, yet in the present advanced world, we have programming to deal with business interaction, archive occasions, and a lot more things.  We can mechanize the business measures and in this...

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