Must-Ask Soft Skill Questions Before Hiring New Employees

Soft Skills Get Little Respect, But Will Make Or Break Your Career. Peggy Klaus Soft skills are essential! From recruitment to teamwork, collaboration, communication, and decision-making, soft skills remain an integral part of an employee’s journey throughout. Hence, helping new employees fit into the company culture appropriately and ensure maximum productivity. Soft skills cannot get quantified. So, it becomes a little more challenging to go for a screening of these skills. And that is the reason employers must make sure to ask a few soft skills questions to recognize the employee’s understanding, thinking ability, persona, and motivation towards the...

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Workplace Harassment: Types And Recognition

Harassment is internal violence at the workplace, and this troublemaker is on the payroll. In this competitive business world, a company always strives to be on the top with skillful, proactive, and productive employees but do you ever look back and talk about workplace bullying or workplace harassment with them regularly?  Do you keep checking if the working environment is peaceful and healthy enough for all the employees working in your team? Maybe the answer is a big No!  Hit The Play Button To Listen This Podcast: And the reason is most employers end up thinking that hiring proficient employees...

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New To The Corporate World? Learn These Imperative Approaches To Behave Rightly

Are you stepping into the competitive environment of the corporate world, which is straight away a transition from your carefree college days to a more confined sector of responsibilities?  Hit The Play Button To Listen This Podcast: If yes, then you might not want to miss out on anything pretty significant? Do you think we are talking about your skills? Nope! It is all about how to behave in the corporate world. And that’s what we have got you covered in this article. Why Your Behavior Matters In The Corporate Sector? First, let me put you in a situation. Imagine...

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Employee Satisfaction Survey- Check What To Ask And How?

The entire world is going through tough times. Also, in this needful hour, human beings have two significant possessions. And they are happiness and satisfaction. If a person is mentally satisfied with whatever he does, it keeps him far away from the negativity spreading all around. So, accurate, to be precise. No, let us now replace the terms person and human beings with employees.  In this pandemic, the employees are undergoing a lot of pressure. Hence they need a virtual work environment where they perceive content when they serve the organization. And this all starts when employers put their...

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How Are Time-Wasters Affecting Employee Productivity At Work?

Time = Life Therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life.  – Alan Lakein Remote work has become the latest trend ensuring endless flexibility at work yet providing more opportunities for employees to waste their precious office hours. Around 90% of remote employees believe they spend more time on unproductive tasks while working from home.  Even if you are a small business owner with a handful of employees or carrying the responsibility of hundreds of employees with a large-scale business, you certainly know the importance of time. And this is the...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

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