How Does Developing A Strong Work Ethic Lead To Success?

There is a quote that says, You can’t have a million-dollar goal with a one-dollar work ethic. Since our childhood, we have been taught that a good work ethic leads to success. But how true is this? How is work ethic in any way related to the productivity and success of a person or organization? Having a good work ethic is not only about your behavior at the workplace. It is something that affects all aspects of your life. Over the time, many qualities develop within you that help you shape the desired life and give a sense of...

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Workload Management: How To Manage Workload Effectively

Are you having difficulty assigning the work to your team?  Being an employer, it is your responsibility that your team members are focused, productive, and efficient with their tasks. You have to make sure that your team’s workload is distributed impartially. Balancing your team’s workload is not an easy task. In this article, we will discuss how you can manage workload effectively. Team workload management is a business practice to assign tasks among your employees and monitor them. It is the best way to achieve your goals by focusing on teamwork. Hit Play Button To Listen Podcast:  ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Threat Detection

Cybersecurity risks for businesses and organizations can’t be taken lightly. A brand’s online data is deeply connected to its finance and productivity—a breach can damage companies reputation and put confidential information at risk. Cybersecurity units in organizations have the major task of getting in front of data security threats. But with the increasing amount of potential threats and rivals, putting an appropriate threat detection in place can be a game changer. Threat detection is definitely the number one priority for cybersecurity teams.  Advanced Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, forcing today’s enterprises to evaluate and adjust. In this article, we...

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The Best Practices To Set Productivity Benchmarks For Your Company

You may already know the importance of tracking KPIs and setting goals for your company. But have you ever thought of setting productivity benchmarks? You will be surprised to see the wonders that productivity benchmarks can do for your business. Productivity is a significant factor of every business. If your employees are not productive, your business may suffer. Benchmarking is a crucial tool to utilize the full potential of your assets and get at the top of your business industry. It motivates your employees to be more productive and efficient. By creating a standard for work and processes, you...

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Understand Data Safety Before You Regret

Have you ever wondered how technology has evolved between 1900 to 2021? From The first-ever airplane to landing on the surface of the moon, we have seen the most technological advancement in this era. And it has only become possible from the data of all those researches and experiments. These advancements have made our lives easier and seamless. We have advanced to the point that many aspects of our lives are dependent on technology.   Although it may have made our lives easier, it also exposed us to the threats of data theft. There are many risks to having data...

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Empower Your Workforce And Upgrade Your Business Productivity

Our free cloud-based monitoring solution analyzes user activities across both remote and conventional teams.

  • Measure & Evaluate Employee Productivity Levels.
  • Increase Workforce Effectiveness.
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  • Intelligent machine learning and behavioral rules engine.
  • Real-time behavior anomaly and threat detection, privileged user monitoring, data loss prevention.
  • Track employee internet usage across your departments.

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